Thursday, September 1, 2011


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Friday, August 19, 2011

This is my last post on Molly World.

Don't worry, not my last post ever! :) I have decided to start a new blog, linked to a gmail account (which I should have done in the first place) because my hotmail has been hacked twice.

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Monday, August 15, 2011

Our Fair Preview...

Macy and I hit the Fair this morning and met up with Auntie Kate for a couple hours to check out the animals. Macy is SO into all animals right now, and I thought, "Why not go more than once this year?" Gabe works all week until Friday, and we're going as a family that day, but decided to do a little preview this morning. Macy LOVED it. She was all over the goat/sheep barn and a couple owners let her pet their goats. Look at her face!
Another highlight was the baby animal petting zoo barn. I think these were guinea pigs or something. She thought they were awesome!

Macy literally tried to climb into this cage and become a part of this little pig family. She was so disappointed when I had her move away from them. :)

She did not think this was close enough to the calves. I think we need to befriend someone who has a farm and just go visit there more.
I think Macy gets her love of animals from Gabe's side of the family. She has NO fear, with any kind of animal, and NO hesitation to pet anything. It makes me a little nervous when you run into a weird dog or something in public but I think overall it's probably a good thing. Shows compassion and kindness. She is very gentle with all the animals...hopefully that will translate to her baby sister soon!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

New word of the day: "Naughty."

I was folding and putting away a bunch of laundry this morning, and had Macy in my bedroom with me. She kept following me every trip I made to the closet, the bathroom, her room, etc. I had moved or removed every obstacle she found (the floss which she was unraveling, the garbage can, my toothbrush, toothpaste...) All of a sudden, I hear splashing and glance over, and there is Macy, both hands in the toilet up past her elbows in water. I yell, "NO! THAT IS NAUGHTY!!!!" She replies, "Naughty. Naughty. Naughty." And walks away swinging those soaked little arms.

I scrubbed her up and changed her shirt thinking the whole time...what in the world am I going to do with another one of these? :)

Friday, August 12, 2011

We set a record yesterday!

Macy is getting to a really fun, and in a way, easier stage. She is BUSY, don't get me wrong, into things, listens about 50% of the time we give her direction, and loves to make messes everywhere she goes, but she is a toddler now, not a baby. It's an interesting change.

She takes one nap a day, about 2 1/2-3 hours and goes to bed at 7 PM and wakes up at 7 AM. It's pretty much a golden schedule, I love it.

The one thing I'm trying to adjust to is getting errands done in the morning instead of afternoon. It's fun to keep busy and Macy loves to go places. Yesterday was a doozy! We went 7 places before 11:15 in the morning! Gabe was on night shift and I had been stacking up things I needed to get done and yesterday was the day. Gabe got her up and gave her milk and snuggled and played with her while I got ready and then we were up and at 'em while he hit the hay!
She is wearing a tank top under the hoodie, but just note that this picture was taken mid-August. Sigh. She wasn't too warm in this outfit, either. It was 59 degrees out when we got in the car!
We hit Great Harvest Bread to load up on some Honey Whole Wheat and a sample and some playtime in their kid's kitchen. (Note to Mom's-this is a fabulous errand to take kids sample and a play area!) Next was Haggen for a free refill on my pre-natal vitamins and a free cookie for Macy from their bakery. Did you all know they do that? SUCH nice ladies work in the Haggen Bakery and they are SO nice to Macy. I wasn't going to ask for a cookie since it was about 9 AM, but we passed and the gal stopped me and asked if Macy would like a treat!

Macy was feeling pretty good at this point, and she didn't even know her day was going to get even better once we hit Walmart...
Our daughter is in love with Elmo. It's bad. He's her first thought in the morning and her last word at night! :) I think we have 9 episodes of Sesame Street DVR'ed on the TV set to Elmo's World for those moments that you just need 15 minutes off. :)

I SCORED at Wally-World. First, Macy spotted two sippy cups with Elmo on them and that was going to be her one treat for the day. Then, as I was shopping down the toy aisle she spied these precious friends. I couldn't walk away from them.
I kept waiting to see which one she couldn't live without. Yeah, right. She would put one down, scoop up all three, put another down, say all their names... She couldn't leave any behind!

So, yes, now Ernie, Big Bird and Elmo all live at our house and go with Macy everywhere. She is sleeping with all three tonight. :)

After Walmart was Kohls, Gymboree (where she got out of the stroller and rearranged furniture while I browsed), and Target...

Then, because I was feeling like superwoman and Macy was still acting like a shopping rock-star, I took her to Barnes & Noble for the first time. What a fabulous place for a toddler! She was in heaven with all those books! That store is made to appeal to kids and I think we read 11 books before I decided on the three we would take home. I also signed her up for their Kid's Club which is a little rewards program that sends special offers, I think $ towards free kid's books and gets them a free cupcake from the bakery the month of their birthday. A pretty fun thing, if you ask me, we were IN!

I'm still marveling that we did all that in a morning!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Harper and Macy

Macy and I went to visit Holly and Harper yesterday. It was a beautiful sunny summer day and the girls were enjoying a snack on Holly's new deck. Although they had the exact same snack, in the same bowl, the same drink, in the same cup, they kept trading back and forth. Ok, stealing back and forth. Macy was scarfing these oranges like she'd never tasted anything so delicious.

I find it so funny that they ended up with the opposite of what they started with! Ah, Harps, thanks for being Macy's friend! We love you!

Wenatchee Bound!

This last weekend Katie, Mom, Macy and I headed east of the mountains for a blitz trip to see Heidi and her family. 7 Brides for 7 Brothers was showing at an outdoor amphitheater we love and Mom set up a girl's weekend get-away weeks ago. We left pretty early Friday morning and headed to Alderwood Mall first since Mom had a couple errands to do. We got there before the mall opened, though, so we enjoyed some lattes and a cinnamon roll while we waited.
We had lunch at The Sultan Bakery, and then pulled over in Leavenworth to walk around and let Macy stretch her legs.

This town holds a lot of memories for our family. We used to go camping every summer and have stopped here since we were very little to get our picture taken and have ice cream. It was boiling hot this day (I think 96 degrees or something ridiculous) and I felt about 120 degrees being pregnant!

We got to Heidi's and the triplets were all down for a nap! Katie and Mom hung out with Heidi and Sharon outside and I opted for the air conditioning inside and caught up with Luke while Macy explored the coolest toy room known to man. :)

When the girls woke up, they gave Macy a present. Sooo sweet, it's her first baby doll! She loves it! I was telling Heidi recently that it's annoying Macy's birthday is Dec 29 since I would love to buy her new toys now, you know, big stuff. I don't want her too spoiled, though, and make myself wait but there are so many things you could do with 6 months between big holidays instead of 12!

Before we knew it, it was time to sing "The Dinosaur Song!" This is the cutest thing ever. It goes:
We are the dinosaurs marching, marching
We are the dinosaurs what do you think of that?
We are the dinosaurs marching, marching,
We are the dinosaurs we make the earth flat, we make the earth flat.
We stop and eat our food
When we're in the mood
We stop and eat our food at the end of the day
(At this point, Annie was over it and sat down to read a book!!! Hahaha!)
We stop and take a rest
Over in our nest
We stop and take a rest and then we move along...

You just got a GLIMPSE of this toy room. They have a whole storage unit with labels like, "Musical Instruments," "Dress-Up," "Balls," "Cars and Trucks," not to mention the kitchen, strollers, babies, stuffed animals, books, drawing stuff, easel, cars...Macy spent hours in this room!

After a very full day and a beautiful, YUMMY rib dinner and corn on the cob, it was off to the tub for the girls.
Abbie, Ellie, Macy and Annie
These pictures really do capture what it's like there. SO much fun, SO crazy, SO loud. :) I love it.
Saturday was a PACKED day full of fun. Sharon and I held down the fort while Mom and Heidi went on a walk and Katie slept in. We traded shifts about 10 and Katie and Sharon took over kid duty while Mom, Heidi and I went to one of my favorite stores ever called "Real Deals," and then hit the Wenatchee Costco which is about 100 times better than ours in Bellingham. That store is incredible!!!!

All the kids were eating lunch when we got back and went down for a nap and the rest of us and Luke got to swim/float/lounge by the pool. It was SUCH a delightful day, not too hot, just so fun to feel like it was summer and relax.

Macy woke up first (had a little poop episode in her pack and play...let's just say no onesie and good thing she was a little constipated and the poop was more pellet-like than anything) so she got to come and swim for a little while.

That girls LOVES to be in the water. We all took turns holding her and splashing with her and she was so happy.
When we were done swimming I took a shower with Macy thinking that would be time productive since we were going out that night and she needed a bath too after all the sunscreen... Just when I soaped up my face, the water stopped. She had turned it OFF! I was feeling around like a blind person and Macy is giggling and I first scald myself trying to protect her from the hot water and then freeze to death as I have soap in my eyes and couldn't see what in the world I was doing. She did the exact same thing when I had shampooed my hair and had my eyes closed. The joys of motherhood, I tell you. That is the LAST shower I take with her anytime soon. :)

Andy and my cousins KC and Jed and their two friends fed all the kids dinner and put them all to bed Saturday night so Sharon, Mom, Katie, Heidi and I could go out to dinner and to the show. The kids did awesome, Macy went right down and we had the BEST time out! I'll have to add a couple pics when I get them from my Mom since I left my camera home, but it was a great evening and super memorable.
We left for home early Sunday morning and stopped in Sultan for breakfast. Macy mostly licked this twist doughnut but she was very well behaved in the restaurant which was nice for everyone. :) Luke was there, he came home with Sharon so he could go camping with his Grandpa Craig this week and I think Macy thought she won the lottery when he got in the car.

At one point this weekend Luke said, "Someday I'm going to marry Macy!" My sister corrected him and said no you won't, you're cousins. He was a little bummed. :) So cute. They have the sweetest bond!!! Luke taught Macy how to hug this weekend. I love that she loves him.

She also got a new tooth Sunday! #6 on the bottom!
What a goofball. Macy is an awesome traveler. It makes me a little sad to think it's going to be awhile before we go back over to Wenatchee. The pass is terrible in the winter and we're going to add another munchkin in only about 3 more months. Can you believe that? Wowza, I need to get going on that nursery!