Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Day Two...

We spent the afternoon/evening at the Hougans "helping" with the triplets today, and trying to get a visit in with Heidi. I say helping lightly since, with Macy there, I'm at about 50% helpful, 50% new-mom! Ha!

This picture cracked me up. Luke has a memory like a trap and reminded me today of when Macy was the size of a banana in my tummy. He was saying something like, "She's cute enough to eat..." And then proceeded to pretend to bite her head off. :) I had to laugh. Luke is darn gentle, which is why this pic is funny to me!
So most of Heidi's days are spent feeding the triplets...they eat EVERYTHING!!!! Here is Annie...
and Ellie! This high chair SUCKS. It's some antique thing that has to go! I'm bringing Macy's high chair over there tomorrow to get some use!
A moment in the life. We are away from these girls for a second, Sharon/Heidi are making dinner, we hear a bang and...Ellie and Abbie are emptying the clean silverware onto the floor and Ellie has scored her Mom's empty coffee cup. Notice how she is completely mimicking her mom...but a little off!!!! So funny!
Auntie Kate, as usual, on Macy duty, doing an awesome job! Love spending time with my sis in any capacity! See the montage below of Annie trying to "honk" Macy's nose... Two sweeties getting acquainted...

Monday, March 29, 2010

The Lord is my Shepherd

I was just changing the sheet in Macy's crib and saw this darling bear from my Mom, it was the first gift Macy was given and I love it! It's silky on one side, and white and sweet and from her Mimi which makes it very special. I put it on the floor and Macy made this face. I just had to post it. :)

Happy 3 Month Birthday Party!!!

Today is Macy's 3 Month Birthday! We were so blessed to get visitors for lunch!!!! My cousins Heidi and Jed stopped by on their way to Lynden for Easter break this week. Jed, Luke and the triplets got to meet Macy for the first time! Heidi saw her the day she came home from the hospital and had to leave for Wenatchee the next day and hasn't seen her in person since.

My cousin Heidi is an AMAZING woman. She is the mother of 4, one 4 year old boy, Luke, and triplet baby girls who are 17 months old: Annie, Abbie and Ellie. Heidi has been SO encouraging to me my whole life, and especially since the girls were born. I was there with Heidi when Annie was brought home from the hospital (the last baby to get to come home) and bonded in a very special way with all the girls that weekend taking care of them sooo tiny. I remember feeding them 2 oz bottles, changing diapers, getting them dressed, helping with bath-time, putting them down for bed, basically helping mother them and driving home with my mom saying, "I KNOW I could do ONE." It's because of Heidi I feel so comfortable with Macy and have from the start. She is truly Super-Mom and handles her insane life with grace, organization and a smile. She has been such a wonderful confidant, mentor, prayer partner, and friend. She is one of the most generous people I know in every way and I love her more than I can explain. Everyone that hears Heidi has triplets always says, "I can't imagine how she does that." I can imagine. I've seen it. She is incredible!!! Truly God does not give us more than we can handle and I don't know many woman who can handle what Heidi does!Ellie and Abbie checking out Macy for the first time...
My cousin Jed holding Macy for the first time! Jed reminds me of Gabe in many ways. He has a heart of gold, super loyal, can be sweet beyond measure and reads people instantly. Jed is a teacher too, and we went to college at the same time, both at WWU for awhile! I've always loved my cousin Jed. He calls me Molls... About nicknames, this week Gabe and I were in the car, delirious from yard work and Macy made some noise in the background. I said, "Oh, Meggie..." Gabe looks at me and goes, "Who the heck is Meggie?" I was so embarrassed. I forgot my daughter's name. Who does that? :) Jed says he's going to call her that all the time now.
Daddy and Macy on her 3 month birthday!
Annie Jane. Annie is almost walking, she is taking steps! Praise the Lord! She is a darling little girl, her looks (especially her nose) reminds me of a cabbage patch doll. She is tiny, the smallest of the girls and has a very sweet disposition. Heidi says she's getting a little more attitude now, but I don't believe it. :)
Annie and her Mimi, my Aunt Sharon.
Abbie Leanne. This baby is my Mom's namesake, and Heidi, who share that middle name! So special! Abbie is the friendliest triplet and has a smile and laugh that you can't resist. She is very funny and cuddly and has been from the very begining!
Abbie posing!
Here is Ellie Shea: A Mama's girl and veeeery curious! She wants to see everything, go everywhere and get into everything! Ellie unpacked Macy's diaper bag when they were here thing by thing. Heidi says she is a bit of a hoarder and gathers all that she can hold and carries it all around the house all day!
Little Miss Curious looking out the window!

LOVE these pics I got of Luke with Macy. Luke is a very special boy. He was the only baby around for quite awhile and got all the love, attention, adoration, etc all of us could lavish on him. I declared him the perfect baby and it took YEARS before he could do anything to tarnish that thought!!!! We all adore Luke Douglas and still think he is the cutest boy in the world! He was darling with Macy today! Couldn't wait to meet her, hold her, and make her smile. Macy loved Luke, too!
Luke holding Macy all alone for the first time... Precious. Look at his hand! Sooo gentle! This wasn't prompted at all! I love it!
This is a "Framer." What a boy, I tell you, what a boy. :)
So now for the hilarity. Here are "The Girls" and their very first photo shoot!!! I had to just post all the pics I took since you can see the faces change as they get their wiggles out!
If only I had a video of Sharon getting these girls to laugh. It is one of the funniest things you will every hear. I'll do it this week, I promise. Look at Macy's face!
Starting to get antsy, gotta change it up!
Ellie, checking out Macy, like, "Who is THIS girl? Don't we have enough in this house?"

All in all, a very fun afternoon. I'll be at the Hougans helping a lot this week and plan on having lots more pictures to post! Day one of a hopefully super fun-filled week!!!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday Dinner

What a great Sunday! Dad and Mom got home from Cabo last night (reeeeally late, I think in bed at 2:30 AM or something crazy like that) so Gabe and I had Sunday dinner after church for them and Kates. Of course, Mimi and Grandpa brought treats for everyone... Earrings for me (an early birthday present), earrings and a necklace for Kates, and the cutest tiny bracelet you've ever seen for Macy.
Here we are, the Gustafson Girls, showing off our new jewelry!
This is how it is for Macy most days. Lots of hands, smiles, love surrounding her :)
Doesn't she look excited to rock this darling bracelet??? I LOVE it! Still pretty big, Gabe said it would probably fit her thigh better than her wrist right now!
Dad and Mom said they missed her while they were gone, I know she missed them! She LOVES her Grandpa and Mimi!

This was Gabe playing "Up Down" with Macy, it's this hilarious game he made up that she loves... Such a fun day! Can't believe I didn't get a pic of Auntie Kate with Macy...next time!

She's in her Bumbo!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

So Thursday was Huskie Night at the Gustafson house, and Macy was dressed the part! Gabe had planned for days to watch the game, and had to work that day, so we were all on technology lock-down until he got home so he wouldn't know the score by 7 PM.
This onesie is a 6-9 month size, and too big for sure, but I couldn't resist having her wear it for the game!!! Here she is, patiently waiting for her Dad to come home...
I think Macy's favorite part of the day is when she sees Gabe. She gives me smiles, but ALWAYS smiles for her Daddy, she loves him sooo much!
And, of course, he is just as crazy about her as she is for him :) Precious...
They were buddies and watched the game together!
Too bad they lost...!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

We have a Baby Bjorn!!!! Lynn came over today for coffee and brought a front pack!!! Macy loves it. We trucked around for awhile and she was so happy to be snuggled with me, face to face. :) Gabe and I are doing a landscaping day on Friday and I think this will be super handy for shopping!!! Thank you Lynn!!!

Macy's new Cousin!

Yesterday Katie and I went to see our cousin Jodi, who is in town from AZ for a few days with her husband and three little boys!!! Macy got to meet Elliot, her new cousin who is almost a month younger than her, and, you guessed it, out-weighs her by a good 4 lbs. :) Really, though, who doesn't? :)
Baby Elliot is a DOLL, soooo cute, with cheeks you just want to EAT they are so darling. He is mellow, too, and loves to cuddle.
This one is fuzzy, but I loved the look on both of their faces!

It was such a great day catching up with Jodi, laughing together and enjoying each other's babies...love you Jodi!

Mason + Macy = Best Friends!

Mason and Macy had a "play-date" on Monday! Really, Jamie and I met to discuss their vacation to Mexico they just got home from! We had a great time visiting, and snapping pictures of the babies together in their matching hoodies!!!! Raelene Van Dalen got them for us, and they both finally fit! :) Aren't these two the cutest???
Funniest thing I've seen in awhile was the day Jamie stopped by for a diaper change and emergency fix-up. Mason had a blow out at the mall and there wasn't an extra outfit in his bag. I said I had plenty of clothes that he could borrow but unfortunately forgot how girly Macy's closet is!!! He ended up in a brown pair of pants with ruffles on the bum and a purple onesie that said "Too Cute." It was hysterical!!! Mason was so embarrassed. It's like he knew!!!
He is such a darling baby!!!!

Macy loves Mason :) We hope they are wonderful friends, just like their Moms are!
We all went on a walk...
It was an awesome day!