Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Macy's new Cousin!

Yesterday Katie and I went to see our cousin Jodi, who is in town from AZ for a few days with her husband and three little boys!!! Macy got to meet Elliot, her new cousin who is almost a month younger than her, and, you guessed it, out-weighs her by a good 4 lbs. :) Really, though, who doesn't? :)
Baby Elliot is a DOLL, soooo cute, with cheeks you just want to EAT they are so darling. He is mellow, too, and loves to cuddle.
This one is fuzzy, but I loved the look on both of their faces!

It was such a great day catching up with Jodi, laughing together and enjoying each other's you Jodi!

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  1. Macy so reminds me of Em - tiny and petite! Girls that were made for the actual clothes size - you know 3 months size at 3 months. My boys were always 6-12 months ahead in the clothing sizes.