Wednesday, March 17, 2010


This day is one to remember. I was just leaving Little Caesar's Pizza on Yew Street and there was a car parked in front of me since the driver was chatting with someone out his window. I'm behind him, waiting patiently, needing to turn left to get out and wondering how long it will take for him to see me and MOVE. There was a big group of people smoking on my left, so I couldn't pass him. I'm waiting and Katie, who was with me, says, "Honk at him to move." I'm debating it, and she goes, "NO! This guy is backing up! The car on her right, right in front of the 7-11 was backing up, right into HER- the whole passenger side of the car. I'm stuck, the car in front of me doesn't move, there's no time to back up, I lay on my loud horn for the count of two, the crowd of smokers sees it all happen, someone yells, I'm watching the man back out, not even looking in the rear-view, behind him, NOTHING!!!!! And...


I about had a heart attack. I'm furious. I'm shaking. I'm freaking out. I have never been in an accident.

He was going 2 miles an hour. 2 miles an hour into my SISTER with my BABY IN THE BACKSEAT. So thank the Lord Macy was on my side in the back, and Katie is fine, and there's a dent in the passenger's side, but the car is drive-able, all that. One of the smokers came over to show her disgust at the driver who climbs out of the car and it's an 83 year old man. Literally, the man is 83, cannot hear at ALL, and never apologized.

It reminded me of that Jerry Seinfeld routine when he asks what is the age someone says, "I'm not turning around to look anymore...I'm putting it in reverse and coming back!" That was exactly what happened.

Whole scope of life, I know, it's no big deal, it's a thing, not a person, but I'm sort-of on a rampage about it. Should people be allowed to drive when they can't hear and obviously shouldn't be on the road? What if Macy would have been on that side and he had hit us hard enough to hurt her? What if my car was smaller? It's not ok that he doesn't realize that he was wrong and should be more careful. If he would have felt bad, I may not feel so upset, I don't know. Accidents SUCK. It ruined my day, that's for sure.


  1. So sorry! Remind me to tell you on Sunday my not-so-eventful, compared to yours, story about a little old man in a drive-thru. Let's just say I'm very thankful for the hitch on the back of the van that we never use!

    Glad everyone is okay!!

  2. Sorry to hear about that! So happy everyone is well!!!

  3. OUCH! And your pretty new car no less!! Just think of it as preparation for when Macy dents one of your cars - you KNOW it will happen!! :-)