Sunday, March 21, 2010


So Macy has been a good sleeper from the start. She easily went 4 hours, then 5 in the night, now does between 6 1/2 and 8 1/2 every night. It's amazing! We're doing the Baby Wise book sort-of loosely, and I feed her every 3 hours in the day, then awake time for up to an hour, and then sleep. The last time she eats is about 10 PM and then she goes into her crib awake and puts herself to sleep.

So usually I like to hold her during the day when she's sleepy and rock for awhile and she falls asleep within 2 minutes. Not anymore! She has decided she likes to be alone and put herself to sleep all day long! She let me know this a couple days ago by screaming her head off until I laid her down and she was instantly quiet. No burp, no nothing, just a quick smile and off to dreamland.

The picture above I just took of her falling asleep for her nap. No fuss, just sucked her binky, waved her arms a little and... asleep in no time!

Macy also likes her hands out when she sleeps now. She can "Hoodinee" out of any wrap, and cries until she has a hand, "handy"!
This was last night, before bed. She was giving me this face every time I took her fist out of her mouth to try and get a picture!

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  1. That looks means "back off jack"! My kids always wanted to just lay in their beds when they were tired too! I'll take that any day over the ones that "require" being rocked to sleep EVERYTIME!