Monday, March 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Auntie Kate!

Happy Birthday Auntie Kate! Today we celebrated Katie's birthday at Mom's house after church. It was so fun to have Katie there in person and not just on Skype!!! We have missed her terribly while she was in Prague the last 6 weeks...
Macy with Katie blowing out her candle. . . And Katie's "cake" of choice: Rocky Road Bars! Delicious! This is one of my Dad's favorite things, too. Chocolaty marsh-mellow goodness.
Funniest part of the party was when Katie opened my Grammy's card... and found HANNAH MONTANA inside. We were dying laughing about the pop princess card. Gram kept saying, "I know it's a dumb card...look inside!!!" So funny!
It was a DOOR HANGER!!! Katie kept saying, "On my 31st birthday I get a Miley Cyrus card with a door hanger...!!!"
We got Katie a ESV Study Bible that she really wanted, and loved, but this was the bonus present from Macy. :) It's 6 month, though, so stay tuned for the picture with her actually IN it! (My original plan for the day!)


  1. Awesome pics of Auntie and Macy! It looks like Macy is eyeing those delicious bars in the second pic - so cute! Hey - that's a recipe your mom has never shared with me!! I must have it!!

  2. Looks like a great day of celebration. Paige just got that same onesie to wear when she is with me. Aunties are the best!!

  3. I would like to know where you all got that onesie...I'm willing to buy boy and girl version for when I get to be an auntie again someday...even if it isn't soon!!