Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mason + Macy = Best Friends!

Mason and Macy had a "play-date" on Monday! Really, Jamie and I met to discuss their vacation to Mexico they just got home from! We had a great time visiting, and snapping pictures of the babies together in their matching hoodies!!!! Raelene Van Dalen got them for us, and they both finally fit! :) Aren't these two the cutest???
Funniest thing I've seen in awhile was the day Jamie stopped by for a diaper change and emergency fix-up. Mason had a blow out at the mall and there wasn't an extra outfit in his bag. I said I had plenty of clothes that he could borrow but unfortunately forgot how girly Macy's closet is!!! He ended up in a brown pair of pants with ruffles on the bum and a purple onesie that said "Too Cute." It was hysterical!!! Mason was so embarrassed. It's like he knew!!!
He is such a darling baby!!!!

Macy loves Mason :) We hope they are wonderful friends, just like their Moms are!
We all went on a walk...
It was an awesome day!

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  1. I remember walking with the strollers - what fun! ENJOY these days Mol, they're awesome!