Monday, January 24, 2011

What a difference a year makes...Happy Birthday Harper!

Yesterday Macy and I helped celebrate Harper's 1st birthday. She was such a trooper! Calm, cool and collected, that is "The Harps." We got there after she had her cake, which I heard she demolished, but in time for presents, which Macy watched very seriously. :)
The girls. :)

Harper and her Aunt Heather.

I can't believe she is totally walking now. 3 weeks younger than Macy and UP!
Holly had toys near the presents all set up which was great! Macy played and watched.

She was very into the balloons floating all around...

This vacuum was hilarious. I want to get one for Macy! We love you Harper Dae and can't wait to watch you grow up. Thanks for inviting us to your party!!!!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fun-Filled Days!

Macy got another playdate with her friend Mason this week. Mason's Mom, Jamie and I were putting together our coupon binders and she was grabbing some dividers and needed to do some errands so Mason got to stay at our house to play! He is a very good boy, but but him and Macy are getting to the jealous stage when their mom is holding someone else and both are not at their prime from 4-7 PM. Try making waffles with two 1 year olds wanting to be held. I had a moment of silence for my cousin Heidi with triplets and a 4 year old. I really can't imagine that life day in and day out. When Mason went home, it felt so easy to have ONE baby! :)
That black eye was terrible! All gone a couple days later but...ouch! Cracks me up how Mason is always showing Macy how to do something and she is watching him. They are SO CUTE!

This week was very full, something was happening every single day!
After helping to teach my first coupon class Thursday night (which was VERY successful, thanks for coming!), I brought Macy to Mom and Dad's Friday morning. They had this baby doll chair ready for her and she was so happy with it! :)
They invited us to join them and Grandma VK for lunch before I cleaned for my Grandpa, so we went. Grandma knew we were coming and had a "treat" for Macy Megan. Her first ever sucker. Oh boy.

At first she didn't know what to think of it...

Then she got into it, drool everywhere and lots of smiles.
My new favorite picture of Macy!!!! Look at that cheesy smile!!!! :)
Today after spending the day with Anna while I scrapbooked a calendar, we went to Steve and Vicki's house for dinner and a visit and to meet little Lucas Macomber, Heather and my friend Rachel's brand new 3 week old baby boy. He is SO darling and holding him made me start to think what it would be like to have another one. Then Macy started whining and wanting "up" and holding her throughout dinner sort of made me go, "I'll just visit Rachel a lot the next few months."
Little Lucas!!!!!!! I love new babies, they are the best!
Macy discovered the Burton's piano tonight and I uploaded some video to facebook if you need a laugh...

Monday, January 17, 2011

We have had a very fun few days...

Macy has had lots of friends to play with this week and we've been pretty busy! Holls and The Harps came over for a visit Tuesday and Macy walked for Holly! Harper is 3 weeks younger, has already done tons of steps, but still preferred crawling this day. I heard yesterday she was up the whole day, so yet again, she lapped Macy in physical development! Ha! Harps has been bigger than Macy her whole life. :) They are soo fun to watch together since they actually are playing now, and know who the other is!
Visiting the cat...
Opening a drawer...Macy telling Harper our rules.

And making noise the whole time! We love having friends over!

Jamie and Mason visited Wednesday after a Rite Aid run and I didn't get any pics of Mason. He is 6 weeks older than Macy, runs, stomps, and is incredibly independent. Mason sort of "tolerates" Macy playing with him. He is waaay ahead of her every move, but they hug and kiss and it's pretty funny. :)
Mason taught Macy how to use her wagon. He has one at his Grandparent's house and was all over opening the door, getting in and out. He showed Macy how to do it, and ever since, she is OBSESSED with this wagon. She doesn't play with one other toy. Just the wagon!
A curl!!!! Do you see that????? I have never had a natural one of those!!! It's my dream that my baby has curly hair...could it be?
Have I mentioned Macy is now facing FORWARD in her car seat? It is a whole new world driving, now. Thursday, we met my Mom and friend Catira Dahm in Lynden and cleaned out my Gram's sewing room. Catira made this hat for Macy and I LOVE it! She's been wearing it everywhere and now there is no hesitation when people ask, "How old is SHE?"
Since Gabe was back to work, and my Dad was home from Kentucky, Macy and I spent Saturday afternoon with her Grammy and Grandpa. I tell you, it is serious playtime on Clarkson Lane every time. Dad is nutso for Macy and she's worse for him. They crack me up, always inventing new games and all Macy has to do is squeak and Dad's like, "Oh, you want to go see Mr. Deer and Mr. Sheep?" :)
Macy actually played chase this day. She got it, and let Dad chase her around! She would turn around, see him, squeal and then run! It was darn cute and this picture captures the feel.

We were trying to get Macy to practice walking and Mom took out this step-stool. She would sit down, get traction with her feet and scoot back until she almost fell through it backwards. A fun new toy for Macy, a heart attack for her Grammy!

Today was a nice day at home. Like I said, Macy pretty much doesn't leave this wagon these days. :)

First, she empties the wagon and throws all her "friends" on the ground.
Then she lounges for awhile and opens and closes the door.
Sometimes that wears her out.
Soon, though, she stands up and gets out of the wagon.
Then immediately sits back down.
Down. Face plant.
Never a tear from this tough girl and she's right back in it again.

Side note: Ellie, if you're reading this, the golden retriever puppy and penguin stuffed animals are Macy's favorite! She's never really been too into anything stuffed, but those two got her hooked on several others and she LOVES putting them in and out of the wagon. She plays with them both constantly!

Later today she was playing near her toy box and Gabe was in there with her and I heard a klunk and bad crying, ran in, and she stopped crying after I held her. Gabe didn't see what had happened and then about 5 minutes later he goes, "NO! Her first shiner!" Sure enough, I think our baby got herself her first black eye today. This mark turned darker and bigger through the evening. I'm scared to see it tomorrow poor baby girl!!!
We're doing good here. Macy is taking steps all throughout the day, but still prefers crawling. The most she's walked is 20 steps in a row. She says, "Mom, Dad, Hi, Uh-Oh, Wow, Whoa, All Done (sounds like Ah Da), Grandpa (A variance of Ah Da!)", and I swear she said "turtle" the other day in the tub! She is crazy for her wagon, which stays in the living room and she hasn't learned that it rolls, yet. Macy is HOOKED on her magical blanket, "Softie" and doesn't go to sleep easily without it. She reads probably 15 books a day and LOVES any book and to turn the pages. She still flirts with every man she meets, and gets compliments constantly because of it. She melts her Daddy's heart every day and mine too. She's precious!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

No news, really!

It's been a very busy week at the Gustafson house, and a good one with Gabe being home for 10 days straight!!!! This is very weird for both of us since we just realized it's been a year since we've spent that much time together. :) I'm blogging on my Mom's computer and saw this pic in her iphoto and it made me smile. 4 1/2 years ago already, can you believe it?

Gabe and I dropped Macy with Mom and Dad Friday night so we could have an overnight date night which was VERY fun. We went out for a beautiful dinner at Anthony's Hearthfire Grill and then watched an 8:00 PM show at the Comedy Club downtown. We slept in, then went out for breakfast, and got some errands done before I picked Macy up in the morning. We SO appreciated the night "away!!!" One interesting note: Macy started walking with Dad and Mom! She did 2 steps for Dad, 1 for Mom and the day we got her back, did 3 for Gabe! I find it very funny that as much as Gabe works, Macy manages to do NEW things for him all the time. It's hilarious!

Between appointments, lunch dates with friends, projects around the house (hello January clean cupboards and babyproofing!!!!), playdates, church... Gabe goes back to work in only 2 days. Time goes by sooo quickly when you are doing what you want to do!

Macy is up to 12 steps in a row, she is walking pretty much on demand but still prefers to crawl places. My house is quickly getting into order and my couponing is continuing with a vengance! I have not cheated on my no desserts in January commitment although I've been tempted often. My organizing the house is almost done, and thanks to my parents having Macy the other day I got some projects done in her room at 10:30 PM. (Raised her mobile, moved some pictures on the walls, redid her closet, organized her dresser, went through some books...etc). Gabe is working on his list and the garage and hopefully by next week when Bible Study gears up I will be ready for a schedule again!!!

I am helping to teach a coupon class next week, January 20th, at 7:00 PM at our church, Christ Fellowship (used to be Nooksack Valley Baptist Church) in Everson, right across from the only two gas stations in town. If you want to come, please RSVP at or e-mail or facebook me and I'll add you to the list. We already have 53 women signed up so come join us!!!! It's free, but will pay, I promise you!!! :)