Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Monday morning...

My wonderful friend Katie Stauffer brought her son Landen over for a play-date Monday morning! It was very fun to have them, and catch up while watching our kiddos play. Well, watch Macy try to follow and grab Landen wherever he went and wrangle him from pushing her away, that is!!!! Landen is going to become a big brother in March and it's good to ease him into sharing and playing with someone else. He is the most darling little boy, and finally Macy showed him a game he could get into!!!

He dubbed it, "Watch your bean!" Every time Macy climbs into this little nook she seems to bonk her head. I always say, "Watch your bean!" and Landen got the hang of this very quick. He would bash his head and that would make Macy laugh, and then copy him and he'd yell, "Watch your bean! Hahahaha!"

Thanks for playing Landen!

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  1. makes me sad that I don't have a little one so I can come join in on the play dates - I miss those days :-( Enjoy play dates, nap times, cuddling, book reading, giggling - it all goes away so quickly!