Thursday, April 29, 2010

Happy 4 Month Birthday Macy!

So today at the Dr we found out how Macy "stacks up."

Weight: 11 lbs 5.5 ozs (10th percentile)
Height: 24 3/4 in (80th percentile)
Head: 30th percentile

She is small, but mighty and right on track developmentally! We started rice cereal tonight and Katie came over to get it on the flip camera...I can't get the video uploaded on here! It's on facebook, though, and VERY cute, so check it out if you have a minute. She did great! About 5 little bites and made a huge mess, but it was adorable. Today when Gabe heard we had the go ahead to start, he said, "I can't believe Macy is old enough to eat anything off a spoon!" I know how he feels. Has it really been 4 months since she came into this world?

I have to say having Macy was the best thing Gabe and I have ever done. The world got sweeter the day she was born and every day is more special because she's in it. We are so thankful for our precious daughter!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Mason and Macy

Macy's friend Mason came over yesterday for a visit. Love this video, makes me laugh every time! Hope you like it...

She did it!

An Update

Sheesh. It's been over a week since I've blogged? That can't be right!

I do have a few updates...

1. Macy rolled over!!! It's happened 3 days in a row, then today, nothing. Katie actually saw it for the first time! SO exciting, she does the "Superman" and then just flops right over, belly to back.

2. Macy's 4 month Dr visit is looming... Thursday we will find out where she is on the growth chart, and I will sob through her second dose of shots. I HATE watching her get shots. I'm dreading it big-time.

3. The 7th person burned in the fire at Tesoro, Matt Gumble died this week. That means all 7 of the people that were hurt by the fire have died. It is an awful loss and we are still praying daily for the families of the victims.

4. A really good friend named Nathan Korthuis, 22, was in a terrible motorcycle accident this week. He is at Harborview in Seattle being treated for a huge list of injuries. He had a 7 hour surgery today that went well, and has many more ahead of him.

5. The diet is going really well. I found out that since I am breastfeeding, I get 10 additional "points"!!! This means I have to "limit" my intake to 37 points a day. This is very doable, to say the least. I am down 2 lbs! Hooray! Only 30+ to go! :)

6. Katie & I are going to Wenatchee with Macy for the weekend for a mini get-away and for the Apple Blossom Parade they have every year. I went last year with my great friend Heather and it was super fun, I can't believe then I was only 5 weeks pregnant and had only told a couple people. Now, a 4 month old!!!!!!!! What a miracle.

7. I left my camera at my parent's house yesterday so no pictures to share today. I do have a video of Macy rolling over (two actually) so I'll get that up soon.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

My Little Flower

A wonderful woman named Bev McKissick and her daughter gave Macy this outfit at the baby shower our church threw us. I don't think "jammies" get any sweeter. Can you see the flower that goes along from her shoulder to her foot? Do you SEE the feet? Wait until you see the rear! This is my favorite outfit on Macy right now. So darling, and soft and comfy and it fits her perfectly. Not for long, I'm afraid, which is why we had to do this mini photo shoot.

Obviously we were all laughing too hard to notice the drool. So funny and so exactly where Macy is at right now... We lovingly refer to her as "Drool Bucket."

We adore you Macy Megan!!!

Weight Watchers

Ok. I've done it. Officially, I've started to care. About my weight that is! While talking to my Mom the other day and complaining that I can't seem to get motivated to lose weight I decided if I continue to just wait for a day I feel like not eating crap, I'll probably end up 300 lbs!!!

So it's officially day 4 of my new eating plan. I'm doing Weight Watchers unofficially, just writing down everything I eat, using the points system, and weighing in once a week. I have a couple accountability partners and so far, it's been really easy. Truly not bad at all.

One tip I heard a while ago was to cook lots of chicken breasts instead of just one or two at a time, and divide them up into containers so healthy meals can get done quick when you're hungry instead of grabbing the nearest cracker box, etc. This, along with turkey-jerky, eggs, and milk has helped me the past couple days since protein makes me feel satisfied longer. I've been dumping a container of chicken in some soy sauce and yoshitas, along with tons of veggies and waa-la! Stir fry!

I must admit feeling back in control in this area of my life is well worth feeling hungry a couple times a day... I'll keep you all posted, weigh-in days are Thursday...

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sighing on Saturday

So it's Saturday, April 17, 2010 and Gabe is finally off work. Since the explosion he's worked 6 nights, 3 days off (each day he attended a funeral), 6 days and now 3 off. Today is the 6th funeral from the explosion and Gabe is on his way there with two co-workers, then on to see Rachel.

I'm sighing to myself because I really miss him! I have never been the kind of wife that moans when Gabe has to go to work. Shift-work is a fact of life for us, which means I'm alone more than half of the time and that used to work fine... Now, with Macy, I think I've changed. I just feel so bad that Gabe misses the little things. His shifts are 12 hours long, and in Anacortes so he commutes an hour both ways.

It's made me think differently about the wives and families the guys that passed away left behind. I can't imagine never seeing Gabe again. He is my whole world and I feel like it is SO IMPORTANT he's there for Macy to know, smile at, laugh at, and put her little arms around.

I'm really looking forward to tomorrow and Monday since we have nothing planned, except being together as a family and feel so grateful I have those days to look forward to. Thank you Lord for sparing Gabe. You must know I still need him!

Auntie Kate's Babysitting Adventure.

On Wednesday I got my hair done and Katie babysat Macy, alone, for the first time! It went pretty good! Katie said she had a freak-out and by the time she decided to feed her, it was too late. :) No major harm done, though, here she is, happy as a clam with her Momma. Can't believe how great it feels to get your hair done. I always say if I could have Raelene live with me, I would in a heart-beat. I'm going to have to go to beauty school now that I have a daughter!
Macy is at the stage where EVERYTHING goes into her mouth. It is so gross! She is sliming her hand across her face all day long. She is starting to drool! I wanted to get a picture of her with her Auntie and this is the montage of events that happened...

The reason I thought this was so funny was Katie had JUST washed her hands. Otherwise, I would have been screaming. :)

I wish I had Katie's laugh bottled up to share on the blog. The pictures are almost as good. I adore my sister. Katie and I are pretty different, but alike in the things that really matter. She would (and does) do anything for me that I needed. She is fiercely loyal, incredibly smart, and super funny. We always laugh together and never run out of things to talk about. I SO appreciate her love and adoration of Macy and know they will be close their whole lives. I love you Katie! (And so does your Niece).

Monday, April 12, 2010

Triplet Fun

The "Money Shot!" This is pretty much an impossible picture to get. I heard it was one out of a million! :) Love it!
Annie, Ellie, and Abbie Gale.

I love and adore my cousin Heidi! She is one of the best listeners you will ever meet. During this whole awful 10 days since the accident at Tesoro Heidi has prayed for us, been there for me, encouaged me, listened to me, cried with me and been such a huge support. She always knows just what to say and do and lives a life that I admire. I am SO THANKFUL Heidi is in my life and for her friendship. I love you Heidi!!!

Macy's 3 month photo shoot!

I love this man with all of my heart. Gabe means more to me than anyone in this whole world. He has given me our beloved daughter and I've never been happier. Tanya got some beautiful shots of our family and some of my favorite pictures ever of Macy!!! Enjoy...

Notice the purse?! Thank you Grandpa Ken! Katie just thought up what we should be calling him... Grandsir. Ha ha ha.

LOVE this picture.

This is what we call her "Gabe-Face"... It's like she's saying, "Um...what?"

Thank you Mom for the adorable Easter dress and Heather for the darling green dress outfit. They made this shoot perfect and I can't wait to frame my favorite pictures!

Family Pictures!

My brother Bryce came home for Easter this year so I had to set up some family pictures since we haven't had one since Macy was born! Actually, we haven't had a great one since Gabe and my wedding in 2006!!! It was time for an update and Tayna Silves did an awesome job! Katie and Mom and I were looking through them all yesterday and I thought about 20 shots were great! Poor Macy was tired and the sun was in her eyes, but she still looks pretty cute! Stay tuned for her 3 month photo shoot the very same day!

This last one is my Mom's favorite. I think mine too! Love the color in the moss, pink tree, grass. Sooo art-sy! Great job Tanya!

Happy Birthday to me... sort-of!

So April 8th was my 29th birthday, but it was also the funeral for one of Gabe's co-workers from the explosion. Tyler Deyo, his wife Mandy and daughter Carly came over so Tyler and Gabe could attend the funeral together while the girls stayed home. My sister Katie came over too, and we had a good morning together. The girls took me out for lunch and Mandy told the waiter it was my birthday. Red Robin is a huge joke in our family. Every time someone wants to go there Katie bursts into a rendition of their Happy Birthday song... We all think that song is SO obnoxious!!!! Mandy didn't know the joke, though, and we all laughed when they sang it to me! It really is fun...
Katie brought Macy some new "friends" for her car seat along with beautiful flowers for me! This was the first time I've caught Macy actually reaching for a toy!!!! So exciting!!! Her birthday present to me...development! Ha!
Mandy and Carly Deyo!Carly put a diaper on Macy's bear. Soo cute!!!

Auntie Kate and Macy.

After everyone left, my Mom came over. Gabe had arranged for her to babysit while we went out to dinner. My poor, fried husband sort-of forgot about that plan, though, when we went out to separate late lunches and came home stuffed. Mom got here at 3:30 and we decided to just go for a drive and still get away. It was super refreshing to be alone together even though we didn't really DO anything. We got home, Gabe went straight to bed, and my Dad got pizza for us and Dad, Mom, Macy and I spent the evening chatting, eating pizza and a delicious lemon birthday cake my Mom had made for me.

Gabe and I decided to reschedule my birthday this year for a happier week when he is rested. I was all for it!