Monday, April 12, 2010

Happy Birthday to me... sort-of!

So April 8th was my 29th birthday, but it was also the funeral for one of Gabe's co-workers from the explosion. Tyler Deyo, his wife Mandy and daughter Carly came over so Tyler and Gabe could attend the funeral together while the girls stayed home. My sister Katie came over too, and we had a good morning together. The girls took me out for lunch and Mandy told the waiter it was my birthday. Red Robin is a huge joke in our family. Every time someone wants to go there Katie bursts into a rendition of their Happy Birthday song... We all think that song is SO obnoxious!!!! Mandy didn't know the joke, though, and we all laughed when they sang it to me! It really is fun...
Katie brought Macy some new "friends" for her car seat along with beautiful flowers for me! This was the first time I've caught Macy actually reaching for a toy!!!! So exciting!!! Her birthday present to me...development! Ha!
Mandy and Carly Deyo!Carly put a diaper on Macy's bear. Soo cute!!!

Auntie Kate and Macy.

After everyone left, my Mom came over. Gabe had arranged for her to babysit while we went out to dinner. My poor, fried husband sort-of forgot about that plan, though, when we went out to separate late lunches and came home stuffed. Mom got here at 3:30 and we decided to just go for a drive and still get away. It was super refreshing to be alone together even though we didn't really DO anything. We got home, Gabe went straight to bed, and my Dad got pizza for us and Dad, Mom, Macy and I spent the evening chatting, eating pizza and a delicious lemon birthday cake my Mom had made for me.

Gabe and I decided to reschedule my birthday this year for a happier week when he is rested. I was all for it!


  1. Happy Birthday Molly!! I still think we need to schdule a card making/scrappin' day to celebrate!! Love ya!

  2. Hey! I want in on the card makin' scrappin' day too!!!