Sunday, April 18, 2010

Weight Watchers

Ok. I've done it. Officially, I've started to care. About my weight that is! While talking to my Mom the other day and complaining that I can't seem to get motivated to lose weight I decided if I continue to just wait for a day I feel like not eating crap, I'll probably end up 300 lbs!!!

So it's officially day 4 of my new eating plan. I'm doing Weight Watchers unofficially, just writing down everything I eat, using the points system, and weighing in once a week. I have a couple accountability partners and so far, it's been really easy. Truly not bad at all.

One tip I heard a while ago was to cook lots of chicken breasts instead of just one or two at a time, and divide them up into containers so healthy meals can get done quick when you're hungry instead of grabbing the nearest cracker box, etc. This, along with turkey-jerky, eggs, and milk has helped me the past couple days since protein makes me feel satisfied longer. I've been dumping a container of chicken in some soy sauce and yoshitas, along with tons of veggies and waa-la! Stir fry!

I must admit feeling back in control in this area of my life is well worth feeling hungry a couple times a day... I'll keep you all posted, weigh-in days are Thursday...


  1. Go Molly! Hmm. Might have to pick up some Yoshida's too!

  2. Good for you!! We will have to check-in with each other on Sundays. I've struggled the past couple of weeks with really sticking to my points but going for a fresh start this week! I need to get more chicken cooked up and I'm on my way to the grocery store to pick up more veggies! I've found Johnny's Lite Ranch at Costco and it's only 1 point for 2 Tbsp. It tastes great too!

  3. Molly, we should go walking together. I could come to town and we could throw our kiddos in strollers for a walk.

  4. Way to be Molly - I need to get serious too!! I'm afraid my mid forties are getting the better of my midline!