Saturday, April 17, 2010

Auntie Kate's Babysitting Adventure.

On Wednesday I got my hair done and Katie babysat Macy, alone, for the first time! It went pretty good! Katie said she had a freak-out and by the time she decided to feed her, it was too late. :) No major harm done, though, here she is, happy as a clam with her Momma. Can't believe how great it feels to get your hair done. I always say if I could have Raelene live with me, I would in a heart-beat. I'm going to have to go to beauty school now that I have a daughter!
Macy is at the stage where EVERYTHING goes into her mouth. It is so gross! She is sliming her hand across her face all day long. She is starting to drool! I wanted to get a picture of her with her Auntie and this is the montage of events that happened...

The reason I thought this was so funny was Katie had JUST washed her hands. Otherwise, I would have been screaming. :)

I wish I had Katie's laugh bottled up to share on the blog. The pictures are almost as good. I adore my sister. Katie and I are pretty different, but alike in the things that really matter. She would (and does) do anything for me that I needed. She is fiercely loyal, incredibly smart, and super funny. We always laugh together and never run out of things to talk about. I SO appreciate her love and adoration of Macy and know they will be close their whole lives. I love you Katie! (And so does your Niece).

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  1. Macy is blessed to have Aunt Katie!! When Macy hits her teenage years, you will be glad that Macy loves someone you love - and trust her to talk to!!!