Sunday, April 11, 2010

More of Easter!

Isn't this picture a hoot!? This is Abbie, one of the triplets, who is very smiley and friendly. I love her!!! We have the same exact expression! How precious. My mom took this randomly on Sunday and laughed when I saw it! :)
Just another angle of the chaos that was...35+ people for Easter dinner and the egg hunt!

It was so fun to watch the kids find eggs... Bryce was laughing the whole time. :)
My Mom and Dad, who hosted the whole thing. They have a gift for opening their beautiful house and making everyone feel welcome and loved. Mom definitely has the spiritual gift of hospitality. It's amazing!
A better pic of Luke and I...
Heidi and Abbie Leanne.
Heidi and Ellie Shea.
Grandpa Craig with Annie Jane.
Ellie and Bryce!
Luke and his Mommy. What a wonderful day!!!

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