Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Picture day

More Uncle Bryce bonding happened Saturday since we spent the WHOLE day at Dad and Mom's. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner! We had bonding, family pictures, Macy's 3 month pictures, dying Easter Eggs...what a day!
Macy's new trick of sticking her tongue out!
Really loved this outfit, it's from Heather and says "Daddy's Girl." It's 3-6 months and fits perfectly!
Macy, all ready for pictures... this is her Easter dress from my Mom. :) The cutest dress I've ever seen.
Mommy and Macy
Mimi and Macy
Auntie Kate and Macy
Grandpa and Macy :) This is a framer.

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  1. I LOVE how Macy is smiling in all the pictures. She growing so fast! We are PAST due for a play/coffee date!!!