Sunday, April 18, 2010

My Little Flower

A wonderful woman named Bev McKissick and her daughter gave Macy this outfit at the baby shower our church threw us. I don't think "jammies" get any sweeter. Can you see the flower that goes along from her shoulder to her foot? Do you SEE the feet? Wait until you see the rear! This is my favorite outfit on Macy right now. So darling, and soft and comfy and it fits her perfectly. Not for long, I'm afraid, which is why we had to do this mini photo shoot.

Obviously we were all laughing too hard to notice the drool. So funny and so exactly where Macy is at right now... We lovingly refer to her as "Drool Bucket."

We adore you Macy Megan!!!


  1. What a cutie!!!! Missed seeing this sweet baby girl this morning. I'm glad she got to spend some very special quality time with her daddy though on his day all needed it!! Love ya my friend!

  2. THAT is adorable!! Save it for my grandbaby someday ok? I remember the days of being able to put adorable outfits on my baby girl - NOT anymore!