Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Sunday morning, Dad, Mom, Katie, Gabe, Macy and I headed to Disneyland for a day full of sunshine, memories and laughter. It was a perfect day to hit the park! We had no traffic on the way there, only spent about a half hour in the car and all felt so excited to be there with no schedule, agenda or deadline. Macy could sense the excitement!!!
After parking we all took the tram into Downtown Disney.
When you go to Disneyland, you have to get a family picture by the flowers shaped like Mickey. It's tradition!

As I got Macy her button that said, "1st Visit," Gabe was already in line to get our picture taken with Mickey! Score! We've been telling her for weeks that we're going to Disneyland to see Mickey Mouse and she actually did!

Check out the button!
The boys made a coffee they geared up for Space Mountain. :)
They got fast passes for Space Mountain and we headed to Indiana Jones next and stopped for a quick Jungle Cruise. Macy was ALL EYES on this ride. Her head was on a swivel there was so much to see!

We also took her on Pirates of the Caribbean and she about fell asleep during that one!
Love this picture. Look how pumped they all are! I was hanging out with Macy, and all the other pregnant women. :) Splash Mountain was the terror of my 10 year old life when I first went down it. The ride still scares me to death. Don't ask. Something about tilting then falling to your death. I did not feel left out, let's just put it that way! Gabe was SOAKED after this ride. Good thing it was 76 degrees out!
Auntie Kate was averaging about 3 hours of sleep a night by this point and turned into a zombie about 2 hours after this picture. I just remember her telling me during the parade, "I know I can't make it till 11 PM to watch fireworks with you, I'm fading!" She was such a good sport, though, and even went with the boys on the crazy rides at CA Adventure.
Mom, Macy and I opted for snacks and a train ride around the park while the others were riding "real" rides at CA Adventure. Macy LOVED the train!
The last few times I've been to Disneyland I haven't been anywhere near Toon Town or the "It's a Small World" ride and had forgot that that is where you see these awesome trees shaped like animals! What a thrill. I love those hedges!
This machine holds a dear memory for me of my Dad buying a flat penny that said "Disneyland" on it on our first trip here. I did one for Macy and it's in her baby book on her first trip mementos page. She just wanted to eat it. Oh well.
Mom found a perfect Minnie Mouse stuffed animal and gave it to Macy to hold. Macy loved it! Then, my Mom wanted to be sure that was the one she wanted and held up two more dolls and told her to choose her favorite one...

And, of course, Macy chose all three of them!
Mom and I decided classic Minnie was the way to go and Macy LOVES her.
A new favorite picture! Doesn't this just capture the moment? I love both their faces, pure joy. This picture represents what Disneyland does for families. I bought a pickle there not long after this (yes, out of all the options, it sounded delicious!) and when checking out the cashier said, "Thank you and have a magical day!" I love this place.
Hilarious. My Mom saw Minnie when we rounded the corner after just buying Macy the Minnie doll. We got in line to take a picture but the line was closed. My Mom says, "I'll just go stand behind her and you can snap one..." It just felt wrong to be breaking a rule in Disneyland. The picture cracks me up, though.
Next up was the parade, which Macy thought was all for her!

Look at that face! We all agreed the parade was a highlight of the whole day for sure. Mom stayed with Macy while the rest of us rode the Toy Story Astro Blasters ride and when we came back she was asleep. :)
We had those delicious clam chowder in sourdough bread bowls for dinner and got pictures in front of the castle on the way out.

Dad wanted a picture with just Mom...
After a couple seconds of this I said, "Ok, enough."
What a special day full of fun and memories. I am so thankful it worked out for all of us to go and spend this time together. Disneyland really is the happiest place on earth!

Part 2 of Wedding Day Pictures!

My favorite shot of Macy as Flower Girl. :)
My least favorite shot of Macy as Flower Girl. :)
Mom and I!
Dad and Mom
Gabe and I
Macy seeing how Grandpa likes to wear a hair bow in his hair...
Mother of the Groom with Bryce.
Gabe, Bryce, Macy and I

Katie and I worked the Guest Book table!
Gabe worked "Macy Duty" while we were greeting guests!
Craig and Debbie Hardinger came to the wedding since they were in LA that weekend. It was so good to see them!
Heidi and fam showed up early and Heidi helped with Macy, who loved Heidi's necklace and couldn't get over how pretty it was all night.
Still holding the necklace!

Bryce's side of the family that was there to represent!
The Hougan/Gale clan.