Monday, June 27, 2011

Getting ready to...GO!

I have to say another couple things about my blogging drought. Sitting here thinking about why it really took me over a month to catch up on here I remembered a couple excuses I should share!
  • I am pregnant. Although I feel really good, my energy is GONE by 8 PM and I have preferred reading in bed to sitting and blogging.
  • About reading. My sister got me completely hooked on this series called, "Game of Thrones." It is super addictive and a great layered story and I have literally read thousands of pages in weeks. Every nap and bedtime I can spare I have been reading those darn books. :)
  • My back was killing me for about 4 weeks. It took a long time to heal. I finally feel back to normal and can lift and walk and have no pain. Praise the Lord!
  • We have been prepping for our trip to Burbank, CA to see my brother Bryce get married! Macy was asked to be the flower girl and turns out there are quite a few details to attend to to pull off a 4 day trip, 4 plane rides with a husband and an 18 month old!
  • I have really been enjoying life since my weekend away to see Heather. It helped renew me in a way that is hard to explain. Missing Macy made it so much fun to come home and take care of her.
Ok, back to prepping for our LA trip. Katie, Mom and Dad left Wednesday, Macy, Gabe and I left Friday morning. Katie was the best Aunt/friend ever and went to the mall with us before they left to help me get some last minute stuff.

Have you been to the new Target? I love it! So clean, organized, and seems like so much more stuff! We found the most perfect backpack for Macy!

I had to get Macy her flower girl shoes this day or she was going barefoot. After 5 stores, and trying on about 11 pairs of shoes, we finally found the perfect pair!

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  1. What? Macy didn't have the right shoes? Oh no!!! :-) Can't wait to keep reading through all these posts - so glad you are back and I can't WAIT to catch up!!!