Monday, June 27, 2011

Macy's first soccer game.

Although I haven't been blogging at ALL lately, we have still been busy, and I've still taken pictures of all our adventures! (I'm going to pretend there hasn't been a month+ lag in blogging and just pick up where I left off. :)

Macy and I were invited to her friends Wayne and Ethan's soccer games this season, but I am a fair-weather fan, and only went when the sun was out and Macy was well-rested! She had an awesome time watching these adorable pre-schoolers play, and we knew another friend on the team too! My friends "The Tanyas" (Two dear girls whom I teach coupon classes with) are moms to Wayne and Ethan and were also the coaches. :) It was very fun to watch them work, too.

It happened to be their last game of the season, so these pictures were taken after the awards ceremony.
Tanya is holding onto Macy's other friend Sam who goes to our church!
Ethan is making the silly face to his cousin Wayne. :) Such darling boys!

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