Monday, June 27, 2011

June 25, 2011, Bryce and Heidi's Wedding Day!

The Bride and Groom! Bryce and Heidi's Wedding Day was great. We had a relaxing morning at home, and left for pictures at 2 in all our finery. Mom has lots of pictures on her camera that I will add to the blog so stay tuned for a different angle and my favorites of Macy, but until then, here's a sneak peek at the wedding of the summer!
Raisins were our friend on this trip. Macy loves to hold the box herself and eats at least a whole box a day. She's loves them!
Also, fruit snacks. I'm embarrassed to say vegetables were limited the 4 days we were gone!
Mom, Katie and I.

A close-up of the hair bow. :)
Gabe was such a good sport on this trip. He did anything I asked him and even posed for pictures non-stop. I loved having him there!

One of my favorite moments. Macy needed a diaper change and I asked Gabe if he would do it. He wasn't jumping for joy so I pointed out a quiet corner and asked him nicely if he would change her. It wasn't 30 seconds after he left you hear the DJ say, "Everyone look to the corner...Announcing...the wedding party!!!!" and each couple came out dancing. I wasn't paying attention right away until my cousin Heidi goes, "Oh no! Molly, look where Gabe is changing Macy!!!" Then our whole table started dying laughing. My husband, the one who HATES being the center of attention and really doesn't enjoying changing diapers which means he's not super quick at it, is stuck in front of 139 guests watching his every more. We got hysterical. Can you see him?
Macy on the other hand has probably never held so still in her life! She loved that view!
There was a huge dance after dinner and the whole wedding party had coriagraphed an entire flash mob number which was GREAT. (I heard it's already on youtube if you want to check it out). We all danced the night away!
Heidi's brother Roman was the star for sure. He never stopped! Can't wait to have this guy in WA for the reception for round 2!
One of Bryce's groomsmen, and his roommate Bryan. He was super sweet and grabbed Macy to dance with her at one point.
Loved this. Katie gave Heidi my Grammy's brooch so she would have something old and borrowed. She put it on her bouquet, doesn't it look cool?
Heidi is a teacher, Bryce a writer and they had books on each table as part of the centerpiece, which was really fun.

Another fun idea was this candy bar. (It started with much more, I took this right before we left!) Everyone came up and grabbed a bag and loaded it up with whatever candy you like.
They also had a cookie bar! It was a very special, original wedding and one we will never forget. Part 2 pictures are coming, stay tuned!

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