Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter 2011!

We celebrated Easter with some of my family the day before the actual day this year. It was a genius move, for many reasons, most importantly because Katie could be there. She is en route to Frankfurt, Germany as I type for 2 months! The day started off with dying eggs. Mom was SO organized this year. We walked in the door and the table was all set up, vinegar and cups at the ready! Macy went down for a nap and we got down to business. Gabe even joined the fun and used the "magic crayon" to write me a secret message. It said, "If it's a boy, we should name him Ned." Are you kidding me? :)

This is such a fun tradition! I want to keep it up for Macy and this other little baby coming.
The Brandts (Mom's younger sister Lisa, husband Pat and their kids Tara and Eli), my Grandpa Boyd, Grandma VK and all of our family except Bryce and Heidi were there. 12 people including Macy which was a really nice number.

We did an egg hunt for Macy. It was a little crazy, I think 100 eggs or so for a 1 year old, is that a lot? :) It was hilarious watching Macy gather eggs, take a break, wave at everyone...get some more eggs. She LOVED being outside! It was a GORGEOUS day, I think 74 degrees at one point which was such a nice change from the last, oh...8 months straight of gloom!

My cousin Eli rolled the eggs around. Can you see them? They're everywhere!
We even dressed alike!

This basket was FULL of stuff, including these sunglasses from my Mom. Macy thought she was hot stuff in the glasses.

Macy thought Eli was wonderful. Later on in the day we were talking about baby names and Pat asked Eli his favorite. Eli said, "I like Wi-Fi." We all roared and then he goes, "I thought you meant for a dog!"
Mom was so clever this year. She put cheerios in a bunch of Macy's eggs so she would find one, rattle it, open it and chow down if she found a treat!
Auntie Kate and our little fashionista.
Grandma, Macy, Molly

Pat is crazy for babies. Macy is crazy for Pat. It was a dream match all day.

My Mom OUTDID herself for Easter dinner this year. This is only the half set table and let me tell you we all rolled home after this meal. Ham, hash brown potato bake, snickers salad, spinach salad, rabbit salad, asparagus, rolls, shrimp dip, and then berry, lemon meringue and rhubarb pie for dessert. YUM!

Today was Easter and I had to get this picture of Mom with Macy since they match! Don't they just look like Easter eggs?
Thank you so much, Mom, for all the work you did this weekend to make these memories so special for us. We had an awesome day together and Macy had a ball. We love you!

Friday, April 22, 2011

A Surprise Party...FOR ME!

Yesterday was a busy day. I was very inspired from the coupon class, and decided to take Macy with me and knock out some errands I've been putting off for weeks. We hit Rite Aid, Target, Motherhood, and I even found her Flower Girl Dress for the big event (Bryce and Heidi's wedding) in June! I picked up a pizza for dinner since Katie had texted that she wanted to hang out at 6:30 and came home, fed Macy dinner and had just plopped down on the couch when Katie got there. She goes, "Look who I brought Macy!" and in walks my Dad! I thought that was kinda weird since Macy was going to bed in 30 min and I thought Katie came to chat with me, but whatever. She looks at me and says, "You need to get ready, we're going somewhere and Dad is here to watch Macy." I went, "Oh." Dragging my feet I thought she was going to take me to a movie and I would probably fall asleep.

Instead, she let me drive Mom's car because of my extreme car sickness these days and told me she would tell me where to turn. I didn't ask one question. Probably because I was so darn wiped out, but I was really excited to be hanging out with my sis, too.

We got all the way to Northwest Road and she's like, "You probably have figured out by now we're going to Mom and Dad's." I thought, "Whatever! Maybe we're going to go through Katie's closet and I'm going to score some clothes." We pull into the driveway and I look at all the cars and recognize Tanya's and said, "Are they having a women's ministries meeting tonight?" Then I spy what I KNOW is Holly's car (bright yellow) and said, "What is going on?"

I walk in to the most supportive (local) women in my life right now yelling, "SURPRISE!" I was blown away! Katie and Mom planned the whole thing and tracked down all the numbers and everyone was able to shuffle childcare and work and make it to surprise me and shower me with love. It was such a blast! They all told funny stories about me, we played games, we ate, I opened presents, we laughed and laughed... It was so much fun and such a great party.
I'm 30!!!!

My Mom is the greatest. How did she know that I've been craving DQ ice cream cake? How do Moms read your mind? It was SO delicious! Best thing I've tasted in weeks!

Thank you to each of you who came and made my night. I'll never forget it!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

11 weeks toward 11-11-11

It's Thursday, April 21st, 2011 and I'm 11 weeks pregnant. I've been really sick. Although every day is a little different, and distractions/obligations seem to help me "buck up," I am nauseous every day and have lost count of the barfing episodes. :) I'm sure you wanted to know that! It's frustrating since I'm going on a month of not feeling like myself and it's so different this time having Macy to take care of, instead of just staying in bed all day if I feel like it (like I did while pregnant with Macy!) As far as I can remember, this pregnancy is exactly the same as my first. A chocolate craving even kicked in the other day and that was something I couldn't get enough of with Macy. Please pray for me, that the next week or two is the last of this nausea and I'm soon having some energy again.

I helped teach another coupon class last night which was a great time. Over 60 people were there and it was great to get re-inspired myself and take Macy to "Our Rite Aid" this morning and get some great deals. I'm hitting Target after nap-time (for both of us)!

Gabe's off all weekend and although we're skipping Good Friday service since it starts at Macy's bedtime, we're really looking forward to celebrating the resurrection on Saturday with my family and Macy's first Easter Egg Hunt (be watching for pictures!) and then having Easter Sunday all together.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Auntie Kate's Home!!!!

Macy's Auntie Kate is home for a couple days between shows and we got to play with her today! First stop, Rite Aid where Katie bought out the store for Macy exclaiming, "But she WANTS all this stuff! I have to get it for her!" :) Mr. Jelly Bean is our new addition to Macy's "friends." She has played with him all day.

Next stop was Boomer's Burgers with my Dad for lunch.

With Auntie Kate, anything goofy goes. :)

We stopped by and interrupted Katie's practicing and Macy lounged while listening to some opera. She loves when Katie sings, then again, who doesn't?
Notice her feet? I think opera relaxes this baby girl. They say Mozart is good for the mind, right?

Friday, April 8, 2011

I'm 30!

I've been thinking a lot about turning 30 this past week. I've always dreaded the thought of this birthday because it seemed so...old. I know that is silly to think when facing 40, 50 or 60, but I really was having issues! After talking to a great friend, I've decided to think of it differently. She reminded me to remember what I was doing at 20 and that put this whole day into the category of CELEBRATION!

At 20 I was living in CA with a roommate. I was working as a dental assistant for a Dr I loved (and still do, he was the best boss I've ever had) and a staff that I was very close to. I had earned a 1 year degree from the Technical College and was attending Junior College part-time to work towards an AA degree. I was attended a huge church that I loved, and had lots of friends. I was also broke. I desperately wanted to get married and start a family and there was no one around me that fit that bill! I didn't have a 4 year degree, and although I loved the people I worked with, wasn't doing my dream job. I also missed nearly every single important holiday and event at home which really got to me after 3 years away.

I think about my life now, at 30 and feel so thankful. I am married to the man of my dreams. I have a beautiful, healthy daughter whom I adore and another baby on the way! I get to do my dream job- stay at home with Macy and love on her all day every day. Our family is the best ever. I have my teaching degree and some experience under my belt. I am spoiled daily by tons of close friends with encouragement, laughter, companionship, support, prayer and love. I'm very involved in church and am growing spiritually. Gabe and I live in an awesome house that we own! I have a car that has a heater!

Why would I want to be anything younger and take away any of THIS?? Bring it on, 30, I've never been happier!
Today was one of those days that I feel overwhelmed with all the people that love me. Truly, one of the best birthdays ever. Besides facebook, (which is the BEST on your birthday) I had people sing to me 4 times, 1 of those included my husband and daughter, I had about 6 lovely conversations with wonderful friends and caught up on life with all of them, tons of text messages, I received 3 bouquets of gorgeous flowers and had 3 special visitors bearing treats. All that with my Mom, Sister, 2 of my best friends out of town and a husband who had to work tonight. :) I think that's why I was so touched, because I had very low expectations this year!

Gabe gave me perhaps the best gift of all. He green lighted a trip I've been dying to take to go visit my friend Heather in Boise for a girl's weekend! I booked the trip today, May 26-28, I'm going alone to ID to celebrate Heather and my 30th like the grown-ups we are sans Macy!!!!!! Can you hear the excitement? Imagine... No schedule. Sleeping in. The spa. Movies. No high chair to clean for miles and dinner OUT with grownups!!!!!! AAAAUUUUGGGGGHHHHHH!

He also mowed the lawn today which I count as a gift. :)

The last wonderful highlight of the day was a gift from the Lord. Blue sky and sunshine. It was warm enough for Macy and I to play outside before dinner (which was pizza with my Dad!) and it was good for my soul to have some sunshine.
I think we found Macy's new favorite past-time. Watching her Daddy mow the lawn. She watched the whole time. Not a peep. Also not a smile. :) It was darling.