Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter 2011!

We celebrated Easter with some of my family the day before the actual day this year. It was a genius move, for many reasons, most importantly because Katie could be there. She is en route to Frankfurt, Germany as I type for 2 months! The day started off with dying eggs. Mom was SO organized this year. We walked in the door and the table was all set up, vinegar and cups at the ready! Macy went down for a nap and we got down to business. Gabe even joined the fun and used the "magic crayon" to write me a secret message. It said, "If it's a boy, we should name him Ned." Are you kidding me? :)

This is such a fun tradition! I want to keep it up for Macy and this other little baby coming.
The Brandts (Mom's younger sister Lisa, husband Pat and their kids Tara and Eli), my Grandpa Boyd, Grandma VK and all of our family except Bryce and Heidi were there. 12 people including Macy which was a really nice number.

We did an egg hunt for Macy. It was a little crazy, I think 100 eggs or so for a 1 year old, is that a lot? :) It was hilarious watching Macy gather eggs, take a break, wave at everyone...get some more eggs. She LOVED being outside! It was a GORGEOUS day, I think 74 degrees at one point which was such a nice change from the last, oh...8 months straight of gloom!

My cousin Eli rolled the eggs around. Can you see them? They're everywhere!
We even dressed alike!

This basket was FULL of stuff, including these sunglasses from my Mom. Macy thought she was hot stuff in the glasses.

Macy thought Eli was wonderful. Later on in the day we were talking about baby names and Pat asked Eli his favorite. Eli said, "I like Wi-Fi." We all roared and then he goes, "I thought you meant for a dog!"
Mom was so clever this year. She put cheerios in a bunch of Macy's eggs so she would find one, rattle it, open it and chow down if she found a treat!
Auntie Kate and our little fashionista.
Grandma, Macy, Molly

Pat is crazy for babies. Macy is crazy for Pat. It was a dream match all day.

My Mom OUTDID herself for Easter dinner this year. This is only the half set table and let me tell you we all rolled home after this meal. Ham, hash brown potato bake, snickers salad, spinach salad, rabbit salad, asparagus, rolls, shrimp dip, and then berry, lemon meringue and rhubarb pie for dessert. YUM!

Today was Easter and I had to get this picture of Mom with Macy since they match! Don't they just look like Easter eggs?
Thank you so much, Mom, for all the work you did this weekend to make these memories so special for us. We had an awesome day together and Macy had a ball. We love you!


  1. I've never seen a bad picture of your mom - she is a beautiful lady! Macy looks so big AND adorable! Fun stuff! Fun memories!!

  2. Yes!! Love knowing I'm not the only one that 'matched' my daughter!! :)