Thursday, April 21, 2011

11 weeks toward 11-11-11

It's Thursday, April 21st, 2011 and I'm 11 weeks pregnant. I've been really sick. Although every day is a little different, and distractions/obligations seem to help me "buck up," I am nauseous every day and have lost count of the barfing episodes. :) I'm sure you wanted to know that! It's frustrating since I'm going on a month of not feeling like myself and it's so different this time having Macy to take care of, instead of just staying in bed all day if I feel like it (like I did while pregnant with Macy!) As far as I can remember, this pregnancy is exactly the same as my first. A chocolate craving even kicked in the other day and that was something I couldn't get enough of with Macy. Please pray for me, that the next week or two is the last of this nausea and I'm soon having some energy again.

I helped teach another coupon class last night which was a great time. Over 60 people were there and it was great to get re-inspired myself and take Macy to "Our Rite Aid" this morning and get some great deals. I'm hitting Target after nap-time (for both of us)!

Gabe's off all weekend and although we're skipping Good Friday service since it starts at Macy's bedtime, we're really looking forward to celebrating the resurrection on Saturday with my family and Macy's first Easter Egg Hunt (be watching for pictures!) and then having Easter Sunday all together.

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