Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween 2010!

After church and an afternoon at Dad and Mom's Macy and I headed out for our 3 trick or treat stops... But first, a photo-shoot. :)
Great friends of my parents, Bryce and Shirley Siegal sent this outfit to us when Macy was born. I kept thinking it was too cute for the occasional Saturday game, so we used it for Halloween! I LOVE it. Prepare for another photo op in this dress when Macy's Grandpa, Uncle and Daddy go to a Husky game November 18th all together for all of their birthday celebrations. I'm demanding a picture with the special girl in all of their lives!
Macy doing a cheer.

Then it was off to the Pimentos to see her babysitter, Anna, who had special "treats" all ready. This great book that Macy loved, and a little safety necklace that blinks. Macy chewed on that the rest of the night...score!

Even the dog was dressed up!

Next was Ray and Patti Johnson, life-long friends of my parents.

Last were the Burtons, who JUST got home from San Diego in time to have a play with Macy!
Macy was Vicki's best friend because she let her chomp on her strings. :)
Although she still adores her Steve-O.
Isn't that reflector cute?
Here's the part Macy's Dad isn't going to like. :) Two of Steve's kids graduated from WSU, so he went and got the hat for equal opportunity pictures. Ha ha.

We got back to Mom's at Macy's bedtime, fed her some dinner and...Mom's faithful, only 2 trick or treaters came by and I got to see them this year! Savannah and Kaitlyn looked SO BEAUTIFUL Macy couldn't stop staring at them. It was adorable. Mom says these girls (the grandchildren of Ray and Patti from above) are the only reason she can justify buying a bag of candy each year on Halloween.

Kaitlyn was born the exact day of the triplets, TODAY, 2 years ago. Weirdly, Savannah was born really close to Luke's birthday and both the mom's names are Heidi!

I told Heidi we need to set up a play-date. The girls played so great and Macy thought they had come over just for her. :)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Trick or Treating...Day 1

I heard through the grape-vine that kids were trick or treating in Lynden on Saturday this year, even though Halloween falls on a Sunday (probably because Halloween is on Sunday, actually.) I thought we better get in on that action and hit the "Lynden Loop" and swing by the Korthuis Family first since we were going right by their house anyway. I couldn't believe it- they were ALL home! What a treat! First, Macy played with Emily...the only real cheerleader I know these days! Too bad she wasn't in uniform that would have made a darling picture. Hmm. I think we may have to it a game soon for that missed opportunity. :)
Macy sees a potential "friend" coming to meet her...
Nathan is laying low while the girls wait for...
A new little fluff ball!!!! We got our kitty Tilda from Em... I think this is her sister or maybe the next batch...who knows?
Macy did some cheers for us.

And posed with her buddy Nathan!

Then spent some time with Max while Mommy had coffee with Jan (it was delicious, Jan, btw!)
She had a little munch on her pumpkin.
We love you Jan!

Next it was off to Great-Grandma Van Kooten. I've been thinking today how blessed my Grandma must feel to have been the reason, really for all this family she has today. Think about it! She has 4 wonderful, God-fearing sons, who are all married to lovely, Godly wives. Each of those sons had children, so Grandma has 9 grandchildren. Of those, 3 are married, and each of those couples has children numbering Grandma's great-grandchildren 7 strong. Grandma's blood runs through 20 people on this earth! Isn't that crazy to think about?!

I think I feel like Grandma is such a blessing to Macy and I treasure our time with her more because my Grandpa Dale never got to meet our precious baby. I think about him all the time. He would have melted into a puddle every time Macy was around. She would have loved him, too. She would have grabbed his hair, and tried to rip his glasses off, just like she does every time she sees my Dad. Grandpa had a thing for babies. I think he especially melted with little baby girls and Macy would have done him in! Grandma does a pretty good job melting around Macy, though and that little girl ADORES her Great-Grandma!

When we got there we showed off Macy's new tricks and then Grandma went and pulled out her toys. I remember this Fisher Price clock and when I hear the tune it brings me waaaay back to playing on Grandpa and Grandma VK's floor at their old farmhouse. I love memories like that!

A wonderful couple that has kind of "adopted" Grandma as their Mom at their church brought Gram these GORGEOUS flowers yesterday to honor what would have been her and Grandpa's 62nd wedding anniversary. I can't believe Grandma's wedding day was 62 years ago yesterday! What does that feel like? Mine was a little over 4 years ago and I remember it like it was yesterday! Comment, Grandma, does it feel that long ago?

Grandma gave Macy a bag of treats and she really liked the bag!
Check out those boots!

Sweet picture. We love you Grandma!!!!

Next it was off to my other Grammy's house so Macy could smile all over herself at my Grandpa Boyd. What is it with her and MEN!?
Showing off her new tricks for the Shea side of the family.

Tomorrow is the real deal, although we'll be lucky to hit 3 houses in all. Oh well, it's more for the pictures at this stage than the treats, right? :)

Happy Halloween Eve everyone!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Crawling, with a mohawk...

Have I told you Macy can finally crawl? Well, she started a couple days ago, officially, right before her 10 month birthday today and did it for the first time in front of her Dad and I. Gabe is the one who noticed and really quietly said, "Molly, look!" I glanced at her and she's crawling across the floor like she's always known how, hands and knees!!!!! (She's been army crawling for months, but never the "right" way). It made me tear up. Next thing is walking and I have a feeling that's not too far away.

Mom and Dad babysat today while I had an official "Work Day" at home. Gabe slept in the spare room (yep, he's still on permanent nights) so I could use the computer at will and wow did I get a lot done un-interrupted! I'm getting all the paperwork in order to secure funding for my Master's Degree, which is about 100 pages. I'm getting closer, and hope to be DONE with it all, and turn it in Monday, which is 12 days ahead of schedule. I know I can do school with a baby!!! Just a re-working of my time, that's all.

So anyway, Mom and Dad watched Macy and when I picked her up at 4:00... She had a little baby mohawk! Mom had pulled out her hair products and got out the "dip-pity doo" and Macy looked sooo cute and sooo different! I loved it!

She rocked it the rest of the night. Playing, dinner, bottle. Went to bed with it. :)

Mom and Dad, you made my day and Macy had SUCH a good time! Crashed right at 7:00 PM! We love you!