Thursday, October 14, 2010

So, the reason you're getting all these posts at once is three-fold.

1. I feel like blogging for the first time in awhile!
2. Gabe isn't sleeping in the bedroom where our computer is at.
3. The guilt has caught up with me!

Macy is doing wonderful. Totally standing now, holding onto things at waist level and playing like crazy with anything and everything. She is into ALL my stuff. Cords, cookbooks, drawers, shoes, paper, tags, anything she can get her little hands on, she's into it and in destructor mode. It's funny when it's other babies. My baby? Not so funny. I've completely "Macy Proofed" a room downstairs, actually blocking a bookcase with her pack and play so she can't open the drawers and squish her fingers. She is a very happy girl and mostly loves, dogs, kids and my Dad, her Grandpa Ken and her babysitter Anna. Those are her favorite things.

Gabe is still working every night of this start-up. It is getting really tough on all of us. I think today is #5 of at least 14, and he did 11 straight before having Saturday off to go to the Husky game. Sounds like they will be on this schedule until at least the end of the month so we still have a looooong way to go. It stinks to work so much, but when you're not thinking straight the littlest things can throw you off. A couple examples just from this week that mess with our rhythm: Getting the cat spayed, getting Gabe's car fixed/tune-up which meant me having to run him to his carpool friend 3 days in a row, and a few days later getting a flat tire on that same car, a fridge shelf broke and all the soy sauce, and other condiments crashed onto Gabe's foot... You know! Just life stuff that when you're tired seems insurmountable! It's frustrating for me, because I can't prevent any of that stuff from happening, but it directly affects me when it screws up Gabe's schedule and makes his life harder... Gabe's life harder=my life harder. That's just the way marriage goes.

I am doing so-so on the diet bandwagon, great on the walking. I've walked Barkley Hill twice last week with the stroller which got a sweat going for sure! I went to an awesome "Women's Unplugged" event at church Tuesday night, which I loved and really look forward to going back to that. All in all, we're hanging in there!

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  1. Keep on, keepin' on Molly. I think night shift is like parenting. The days are long, but the weeks fly by! :-)