Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween 2010!

After church and an afternoon at Dad and Mom's Macy and I headed out for our 3 trick or treat stops... But first, a photo-shoot. :)
Great friends of my parents, Bryce and Shirley Siegal sent this outfit to us when Macy was born. I kept thinking it was too cute for the occasional Saturday game, so we used it for Halloween! I LOVE it. Prepare for another photo op in this dress when Macy's Grandpa, Uncle and Daddy go to a Husky game November 18th all together for all of their birthday celebrations. I'm demanding a picture with the special girl in all of their lives!
Macy doing a cheer.

Then it was off to the Pimentos to see her babysitter, Anna, who had special "treats" all ready. This great book that Macy loved, and a little safety necklace that blinks. Macy chewed on that the rest of the night...score!

Even the dog was dressed up!

Next was Ray and Patti Johnson, life-long friends of my parents.

Last were the Burtons, who JUST got home from San Diego in time to have a play with Macy!
Macy was Vicki's best friend because she let her chomp on her strings. :)
Although she still adores her Steve-O.
Isn't that reflector cute?
Here's the part Macy's Dad isn't going to like. :) Two of Steve's kids graduated from WSU, so he went and got the hat for equal opportunity pictures. Ha ha.

We got back to Mom's at Macy's bedtime, fed her some dinner and...Mom's faithful, only 2 trick or treaters came by and I got to see them this year! Savannah and Kaitlyn looked SO BEAUTIFUL Macy couldn't stop staring at them. It was adorable. Mom says these girls (the grandchildren of Ray and Patti from above) are the only reason she can justify buying a bag of candy each year on Halloween.

Kaitlyn was born the exact day of the triplets, TODAY, 2 years ago. Weirdly, Savannah was born really close to Luke's birthday and both the mom's names are Heidi!

I told Heidi we need to set up a play-date. The girls played so great and Macy thought they had come over just for her. :)


  1. Awwweee! The Huskies outfit is seriously the CUTEST most ADORABLE thing ever!!