Friday, October 29, 2010

Crawling, with a mohawk...

Have I told you Macy can finally crawl? Well, she started a couple days ago, officially, right before her 10 month birthday today and did it for the first time in front of her Dad and I. Gabe is the one who noticed and really quietly said, "Molly, look!" I glanced at her and she's crawling across the floor like she's always known how, hands and knees!!!!! (She's been army crawling for months, but never the "right" way). It made me tear up. Next thing is walking and I have a feeling that's not too far away.

Mom and Dad babysat today while I had an official "Work Day" at home. Gabe slept in the spare room (yep, he's still on permanent nights) so I could use the computer at will and wow did I get a lot done un-interrupted! I'm getting all the paperwork in order to secure funding for my Master's Degree, which is about 100 pages. I'm getting closer, and hope to be DONE with it all, and turn it in Monday, which is 12 days ahead of schedule. I know I can do school with a baby!!! Just a re-working of my time, that's all.

So anyway, Mom and Dad watched Macy and when I picked her up at 4:00... She had a little baby mohawk! Mom had pulled out her hair products and got out the "dip-pity doo" and Macy looked sooo cute and sooo different! I loved it!

She rocked it the rest of the night. Playing, dinner, bottle. Went to bed with it. :)

Mom and Dad, you made my day and Macy had SUCH a good time! Crashed right at 7:00 PM! We love you!

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  1. There's that signature Macy look - mouth WIDE open - all smiles!! Love the mowhawk!