Sunday, October 24, 2010

Happy BEE Day to 3 BEE-utiful girls!!!!!

I can't believe it's here. The triplets turn 2 officially on Halloween. Heidi threw their party a week early and Mom, Sharon, Macy and I made the drive over to Wenatchee... there was no way we were missing THIS party!!!!

The girls are going to be BEES for Halloween and Heidi did the theme around that. These aren't their real costumes, just party skirts. How darling are they!!!???

We got there right before they went down for naps. After a little chat, and situating rooms, we were in party mode. Sharon and Heidi ran to the store for some last minute stuff while Mom and I decorated and wrapped up some presents with Luke's help. When the girls got up it was a frantic dash for dinner, clean-up, and HAIR!!!! The party started at 6 and very WISELY Heidi opted to take some pics before the people showed up.
I have to say they are getting better about getting pictures taken, but I still claim it's impossible to get one with each girl looking at you and smiling. I wonder how many years it will be? From left: Ellie, Annie, Abbie.
An action shot, trying to get them excited.
Then their Uncle KC showed up and they wouldn't look at any of us. Mind you, behind this camera was their Mom, Macy, my Mom, Sharon, Luke and me. Nothing. A truck trumped us all.
I do love this picture. Don't they look like little angels? So cute!
I asked if they could pick up their pumpkins!

Heidi's friend Debbie made their cup cakes.
Luke even scored a gift!
Macy was ready to get the party started!
Oh yes, the girls took me on a tour of their new motor home. This was the top bunk. :)
Mom, Abbie and Craig.

Macy kept this hat on forever! Cracked me up! She LOVES it at the girl's house. The kids adore her, and she just plays and plays and plays.

Macy and her Mommy.
Macy and her Lukey Boy.
She screeched like a pterodactyl whenever Luke said or did anything. She LOVES him!!!
Cake time!
Annie Jane
Abbie Leanne
Ellie Shea
So I walked into the living room and wanted to capture the craziness on film. It was sooo fun! People everywhere, presents flying, couldn't see the floor and the girls did so great. I kept waiting for a meltdown and it never came! They live for chaos!
I think there was 40 people that came to this party. Those girls are so loved.
You know those kid parties where the mom says, "We'll open it later?" Well. This wasn't one of those parties. It was like, a girl would open a present, run it over to someone and they would set it up. Instruments, strollers, high chairs... Go for it!!!

One of Mom and my gifts was real close to what Heidi had got but it worked out perfect. They ended up with 4 baby dolls, 4 strollers, a baby high chair, baby bed, diaper bag... It was awesome. They had plenty for everyone, even Luke. :)
The babies were a BIG hit the rest of the whole weekend.
So about this point was Macy's normal bedtime and she was EXHAUSTED. So tired she was looking like a zombie. Would she go to bed? NO! It took her 1 1/2 hours to mellow out after this party and was 2 hours late to bed. Sheesh!
The girls on the other hand? Partied DOWN until 7:30 PM and not one peep from any of them. Straight insanity to right asleep. Every last one of them. Wow.
They had so much fun! We all did, it was a major success.
Stroller races begin... !
The namesakes. Heidi Leanne, Abbie Leanne, Sally Leanne :)

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  1. Love it! Thank you so much Molly for making my girls 2nd birthday so extra special! Just your presence made this party a HUGE HIT!