Thursday, October 14, 2010

Macy and some animals.

Sundays we usually spend at my parent's house after church. It's kind of an open invitation and we enjoy hanging out after eating a delicious lunch and visiting. Must be the Dutch side of me, but I believe Sundays are for church, resting and family. :) Add a walk or something fun and that fits, too!

This Sunday we realized Macy even adores DEAD animals. We all tease my Dad, the hunter, that he is down to one small room in the house that is "his" that he can put all his dead animals. We call it "The Den" and it may be Macy's new favorite room at Mimi and Grandpa's house.
Dad let her touch the horns on his newest Dahl Sheep.
And, the horns on his old one, too.

Mimi and Macy. :)
This is the exact face we see every time Macy sees an animal. She ADORES Brodie. Also Bailey, Gabe's parent's dog, and Hurley, my friend Jamie's dog too. Actually, any dog Macy has ever seen she pretty much falls in love with and lets out squeals, shrieks, giggles and coos until we take the dog, or her, away. It's pretty darling and I think I captured some of it in these pics.

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