Thursday, October 28, 2010

Stoney Ridge Farm 2010

Sharon, Ellie, Mom, Macy and I went to Stoney Ridge Farm today, and I missed Katie! I kept remembering last year, what a great day it was, how HUGE I felt and how I wished my baby was HERE so I could be taking pictures with her!
This was last year, and me very pregnant. We missed you Katie!
Last year, check out that belly! Macy, you were here, just not really. :)

Ok, enough of memory lane, on to our fun day!
We got to have Ellie Shea Gale come over this morning for some lunch and a nap! After the girls woke up, Sharon and I brought them to Stoney Ridge Farm to meet Mom and have some end of October, fall fun. Macy started the day in this outfit... from my Mom's college roommate, Patsy, who MADE this sweater...
But, after breakfast and lunch and a whole lot of slobber, we changed. :) into, this!
Ready to go see some pumpkins!

Heidi calls Ellie her "Hoarder." She loves to gather things, put them altogether, then unload it all and bring it somewhere else. She's been doing this for a looong time and this mini-pumpkin patch was such a highlight for her! I asked her to pick some pumpkins for Macy and here's what happened...

After about the 10th, Macy squawked and we had to put some back! :)

Some Shea girls! From left: Sharon, Mom, Me, Ellie, Macy.

Macy by the "Pumpkin Tree."

For her "snack" Ellie had about 6 bites of pumpkin pie and I don't know how many doughnut holes. :) Healthy. She LOVED it!

It was such a bonus to see Chris Clay there! Chris told me she is a blog-reader! I love hearing different people that keep up with life on the blog. That's why I do it! Macy loved to see Chris, too. I've know her forever. Mom prays with Chris on a regular basis and there is something so special about that connection. Love you!


  1. Just think of how different Macy will look in another year!! Time flies by! I miss Katie too!! Her laughter would have been ringing through Stoney Ridge :-) So good to see you - we definitely need a M&M visit!