Monday, October 18, 2010


My wonderful friend Christine, who I don't see nearly enough, just had her second baby and I've been dying to meet him. Christine lives in Lynden, near my other friend Jamie, so we all decided tonight was the night. With 2 out of the 3 husbands at work, we were overdue for a date. Even if it was with 4 children.

Macy thought she was in heaven. Not only was there a DOG (Dexter), but he was a LITTLE dog, just her size, and loved her! Besides Dexter, there was Colton, a very sweet and fun 2 year old that liked crawling around the floor with Macy. As if the dog and friend wasn't enough, Mason was there, and loads of new toys to play with. She would have stayed awake until midnight if I would have let her!!!! Here she is trying out Colton's train.
The closest thing I got to a shot of all four kids. From left to right: Macy, Colton, Mason, Carter.
Little Mason is days away from walking all by himself. He is a champ!
This is the point everyone was in their jammies and we wanted to get one good picture of all four kids. Yeah, right!!! Colton did NOT want his picture taken. At all. These two hung in there for a minute but weren't into it either. I think the days of Macy posing on demand are ending. Dexter just wanted to be wherever Macy was. :)
I thought these jammies of Colton's were the cutest thing I've seen in a very long time. Cracked me up!
Had to take this on the sly and my flash didn't even go off. Oh well. Trust me, he's darling. Definately at the 2 stage, but very sweet. The funniest thing about Colton was, you ask him something and he'll either repeat what you say, like, "Colton, will you hand me that bottle?" He'll grab it and hand it to you and say, "Bottle." Or, when I said, "Can we come play with you another day?" He says, "No." Pretty simple, straightforward, my kind of guy! Ha!
Teeny tiny baby Carter Weg!
He's so tiny! I was holding him trying to remember Macy that size and just couldn't! Dexter is still trying to get enough of my baby. Sooo funny.

What a fun night! We have to do it again soon. Before we know it Carter will be crawling around! I laughed looking at these kids remembering only 2 years ago we would have pizza night and weren't out-numbered at all! Now? Good grief!

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