Thursday, October 14, 2010

She's UP!

This week, while Gabe was watching Macy downstairs for a minute while I was upstairs, I heard him yell, "MOLLY! Get down here you gotta see this!" So, I hustled down the stairs in time to see... Macy, standing up by the fireplace. I about had a heart attack. All I could think was- SHE IS GOING TO FALL AND CRACK HER FACE OPEN!!!! But, she gracefully slid down onto her rump and smiled like she was the coolest girl in town.

The next day I tried to get it on film and she just wouldn't do it when the camera was on her! These pictures in the brown show the progression, though. She starts on her tummy...
Sometimes takes a moment to pose...
Then gets up to her knees and leans in to wave at herself in the refection before going up on her tip toes to actually standing there alone.

These next pictures were from day 3 of the standing girl and she finally did it for me!!!

After she was tired from standing, she literally crawled into this basket and got majorly stuck.

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