Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tuesday Update

I've been pretty behind on blogging lately and finally have some down time to sit, type and ponder. :) We are doing pretty good in the Gustafson house-hold.

My 5 week weigh-in (a whole WEEK ago) was successful and I did lose my 10 lbs!!!! That was very exciting and encouraging. I started walking and went 5 days last week. Today I was up 2 lbs and am starting to feel unmotivated in the food department. I don't know why, but it's always a battle for me to do BOTH. Eat right AND exercise. So frustrating. I'm going to keep at it and keep moving as I know dieting in reality is calories in, calories out. I did get a great walk in tonight and that felt good.

Tesoro, the refinery Gabe works at, has begun their start-up since the explosion in April. It's incredibly scary and dangerous out there right now and Gabe has been assigned nights until the whole thing is up and running. I was really hoping for day-shift as nights just seem to be hard on all of us but we're hanging in there. Tonight is #8 in a row, but I have to admit this time around seems to be smoother than years past. This is Gabe's 4th turnaround since he started working at Tesoro. Please pray for Gabe, all his co-workers, and me and all the other families that are really single parenting for awhile until things go back to normal.

Macy is doing great! She continues to drool, but no teeth. She is FINALLY sitting up all by herself for long periods! I think this really "clicked" at about 8 1/2 months but she is doing awesome sitting and it's so nice to just set her up with a bunch of toys and let her play. She is on a great schedule, and still manages to be flexible when she needs to be. She's sleeping 7PM-6AM pretty regularly which is WONDERFUL!
I haven't had to get on my treadmill yet to get walks in since the weather has been holding out and Macy gets such a kick out of our walks! She never fusses in that stroller and coos and waves and kicks and smiles at people we see on the way. I think it's the highlight of her day! The pic above is right after our walk tonight. :)
This is usually what our living room looks like. :) The more options the better for our little monkey so I have embraced the mess. She loves it? I love it!

Kates, I got this outfit for you! It has bling and is dark purple! :)

Here's my baby with one of her favorite books. It's as big as she is, but she thinks it's great, and this is usually the progression.
Going in for a taste...

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  1. It makes my heart happy (and hurt a little bit...) to see my little Purple girl! I love the outfit, I love her and I miss you guys like crazy! Dunno how I'm gonna do another 6 weeks.... xxx