Monday, September 27, 2010

We're walking again...

I have never been one of those people who loves to exercise. I know it's good for me, that it helps with every physical thing (and mental) and doesn't cost a penny, but I dread it. I'm always defeated before I begin at the thought that I really should exercise every single day for the rest of my life and when I think like that I just hate it more!!!!!!

Although it's always been hard for me to be diligent in this area of my life, since having Macy it hasn't even really made my "To-Do"list. It's brutal trying to get everything done each day and when I have a free 30-45 minute window of time, I would rather do ANYTHING besides walk. Clean toliets? Cook something? Organize something? Blog? Facebook? Read? TV? Laundry? Nap? Make a list? Anything but work out!!!!! :)

Tomorrow marks my 5 week challenge and it's the final weigh-in, phase 1. I think with the number of pounds I'd like to lose, small goals will help me get there faster, rather than just saying, "I need to lose 30 lbs" and always feel overwhelmed.

My first 5 week goal was to not eat dessert (cake, cookies, candy, doughnuts, ice cream) even the "healthy" desserts like skinny cows or fudge bars for 5 weeks. I am stunned at how doable this was!!! The first couple days were hard, as was the BBQ Sunday at church with soggy hamburgers and endless tables of every dessert imaginable, and the going away to Katie dinner with Oreo Cookie Ice Cream Dessert, possibly my all-time favorite, but really? It wasn't that hard and if that choice alone keeps 9 lbs of weight off me? I'll just keep saying NO! :)

The second goal was to calorie count using a free iphone app called "Loseit." I am determined to get back on track with that tonight since I haven't written down in several days. When I am good about recording food, I lose. It. :)

I also wanted to not eat after dinner which I mostly stuck to with my main plan being to try and lose 10 lbs in 5 weeks.

My new goal for the next 7 weeks is to calorie count and work out (walk) at least 4 times a week for a minimum of 30 min and hopefully lose another 10 lbs. Speed and incline doesn't matter for this next phase I just need to get moving again. Folks, I started tonight! It was brutal walking up that hill, but I did it and kept walking for 45 minutes! Although I think I have blisters on my feet, I feel great and know it's the best thing for my body. Macy LOVES to be outside, and I need to be out with her more. It's a good thing all around and I'll keep you posted on how I'm doing. If you want to join me, I love company and so does Macy!!!!

Had to get a profile shot of Macy's new pumpkin hat from Auntie Kate!
At least one happy little walker!!!


  1. You are going to do great Moll! I'm proud of you for setting small goals and then proving to YOURSELF that you can do it- the most important thing, really. =o) I'm here for you and on the other end of the phone if you need company while you walk. Yay! xxx

  2. Did I see you walking in Lynden yesterday? I'd love to walk with you someday if you're coming into town. I quit my job in Ferndale so my schedule is a little more free now!

  3. Way to Go Molly! I can totally relate to what you're saying about exercise. Maybe it's a family curse for us to hate exercise! Just think of how much work Grammy and Grandpa had to do to keep a farm running, they didn't need to "add" exercise to their lives. The goal is making it a natural part of our lives. We don't have to dread it... I hear you though. I'm totally there.