Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A trip to see Grandpa Gary and Ta-Ta Ellie!

Gabe's parents, Gary and Ellie are probably moving in a month or so and although we are very happy they have sold their house and bought another, that they love in Utah, we will miss them!!!! We headed over the other day to see them and have a chat and it was like Macy had never been apart from their dog, Bailey. They are pretty much best friends. Ellie had my camera in hand the whole time and got some very cute shots.
Macy wouldn't even eat she was so in love with this dog. They even howled at each other!

I got a box-full of fun stuff that Ellie was getting rid of, one thing was this awesome hat to go in the dress-up box! We got home and Gabe said, "Look!" and Macy was doing this exact face!!!!! Precious. I love this picture, I'm going to frame it! Ha!

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