Monday, September 6, 2010

Macy's first babysitter!

Macy has had her first "official" babysitter(s)!!! I had to clean a house and Mom was out of town, Katie was drowning in work, Sharon had the nursery, Gabe was coming off night shift. So... I called Anna Pimento, Babysitter Extradonaire!!! Anna loves little kids, is VERY responsible and has wanted to babysit Macy from day 1. She was the perfect choice and as a bonus, I got Sarah and KK too. (Above from left, Sarah, KK, Anna)
When we got there, we saw this huge pink cushy blanket and buckets of toys, and every stuffed animal in the house lined up. Macy LOVED IT! I will be calling Anna again very soon, it was sooo much fun to get away and know Macy was in such safe and capable hands. :)

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