Monday, September 13, 2010

What a Weekend!

September 11, my parent's anniversary, Gabe and I took off for Seattle and our first overnight trip away from Macy since she's been born! I was a little nervous how I'd feel going to sleep without knowing she was close by... but thanks to my Mom (and Katie and Dad) for taking such great care of our baby! Here she is as we left and Mom was taking her for a walk...

Gabe and I got to Seattle, left our bag at the hotel (The Best Western right by the Space Needle and I'd highly recommend it if you want to go to the city for a night) and walked downtown to have lunch at the Cheesecake Factory, probably my all-time favorite restaurant. We had a great lunch, then split up so Gabe could head back to the hotel and meet my Dad for the Husky game! I got to go shopping with no time limit or responsibility!!!!!! What a day!!!!! I spent a lot of time in H&M and Nordstrom Rack and found some awesome deals on adorable clothes.

While in the H&M dressing room I heard a guy next door come out of his dressing room to show his friend a coat. The friend was telling him he looked good and the guy goes, "I just saw this coat from 6 angles and I didn't look good in any of them." :)

I ended up back at the hotel at 5:30 PM and settled in, ordered a pizza, and read my book. It was soooo fun, just what I wanted to do! I also took a nap before Gabe got home announcing, the Huskies won!!!!!!

Sunday we slept in, packed up, grabbed breakfast at the hotel. While we were checking out these two guys in Seahawk gear walked past, one kind of skipping, saying, "It's like Christmas! I LOVE this time of year!!!!" :)

Gabe dropped me at Pike Place and I got some gorgeous flowers and wandered for a few minutes and then we headed to Quest Field to mosey our way to the Seahawk's first game of the season.

Going to a Seahawk's Game is like viewing a different culture. It's super fun, (and I'm not even a football fan!) incredibly LOUD, and very entertaining. Just people watching makes this yearly trip a blast for me. This pic was taken in the convention center thing. Unreal the amount of people that show up for these games!
Gabe and I have gone to 1 game every year since we met, except for the year we got married. We were trying to remember how many we've been to and think it's been 6! Crazy! I usually get tickets for Gabe's birthday and the last two years he's been able to hit a Husky game the same weekend. Go figure, both weekends we've been down, BOTH teams won!!!! This year, a friend at work finally got season tickets and couldn't go to every home game so Gabe bought the tickets from him. We were in the season ticket holder section and boy were our neighbors there dramatic! During the second quarter the guy next to me got served divorce papers!!!!!

A present for Macy :) She got new Seahawk jammies too. :)

Check out the guy in the upper right!

Half-time show.
Love you honey! Thanks for the awesome weekend away and all the memories! 2010 was the best year yet!

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  1. Molly YOU LOOK GREAT!!! :) Can't wait to see you in person in December... :)