Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fall decorating!

After garage sale-ing yesterday, I came home in serious nesting mode wanting to clean/decorate/rearrange for the rest of the day!!! I pulled everything out, off and away and got busy. It took quite awhile with Gabe immersed in a football game and Macy playing away, both distracting me, but I got everything almost exactly the way I wanted it!!!
Yes, that's a "Macy Basket" there on the bottom. Where else do you put hats, burp rags, bibs and a vest? :)
I love Fall!!!! It's probably pretty obvious that orange is my favorite color, but I love everything about this season. Even the rain doesn't bother me these days. I like the change in weather, the hunkering down and snuggle days, the smells, the cooking. I love it!

I've been inspired by Judy via Tanya. Judy has a strict 1/3 rule about bookcases. She says 1/3 books, 1/3 decorative, 1/3 empty. I just cannot seem to get this formula right, but yesterday hauled out every single book except my huge scrapbooks that won't fit anywhere else and gave the decorating a whirl. I need to keep working on it, but am really enjoying the final product. Gabe even "helped" with this. I would set up a cubby, step back, look, and he would say what he thought. Pretty fun, I have to say.

PS: There are FOUR garage sale items on this bookcase. Can you spot them? :)


  1. Top right item...candle "thing"! I remember you finding that.

    I love the bookcase! You did amazing!

  2. I got ALL FOUR!!! Each of the top cubbies has one, and the second row down, in the middle. And they look like they were MADE for your house!