Monday, September 13, 2010

Holls and Harps!

Holly and Harper (Holls and Harps) came by today for a quick visit! It was so good to see them, as usual, and Macy just lit up when she spied Harper!!! They are only 3 weeks apart and although Macy is older, you wouldn't know it looking at them!!! SO cute to watch them play together and interact...I love it!
The girls did this all on their own. They are both very into books right now and were talking while they both read!
Macy examining The Harp's new shoes. She was very into these shoes. :)
What a doll!
Harper has 5 teeth, is now in the next car seat up, sits for looong periods of time and is wearing 18 month clothes! Macy? No teeth, still in the infant car seat, she can sit, but won't for very long, and is wearing 9 month or 12 month clothes. She's still older! Ha!
This was the funniest. They took turns crinkling and sharing the wipes. Harper doesn't get these kind at home (Holls uses the Huggie kind in the hard pack) and LOVED our wipes and all the noise it makes. Note to self. Save Holly an almost empty to add to her toy-box! :)

Thanks for coming over gals! We love having you!

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  1. So cute Molly! I love that out of all the toys the wipes were the main attraction!