Monday, September 6, 2010

Sunday fun

I told you I was going to make Macy wear that hat everyday now!!! Ha! After church, we hung out at Mom and Dad's and had lunch together. Macy was in a great mood and we had to snap a couple pictures of her new outfit. :) Auntie Kate and Macy...

Mommy and Macy!
When Mom saw this outfit in church she said, "She looks like Carmen Diaz!" Meaning Cameron Diaz. I laughed so hard because my Mom is so NOT into pop culture/Hollywood. When my brother visited me in CA years ago, we bleached his teeth at the dental office I worked at and when I talked to Mom weeks later she goes, "Molly! He looks like Britney Spears!" We still crack up about that one! Macy did look pretty trendy though, with her hat and booties.

Then, to add to the fun, Mom went digging in her closet and found...

Hair clips! Like Macy has enough hair for this. My mom is so funny!!! Katie and I were yelling, "Don't dent her head!" We know from experience that beauty=pain sometimes.

I think Macy liked getting all dolled up, though. Oh yes, this outfit says, "Daddy's little monkey" again, from Heather. Love it!

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  1. haha! Macy is SO beautiful!!! I love the little hair clips in her 'barely there' hair! lol ADORABLE! Her smile practically melts your heart, too.. You are so blessed!!

    (I'm new to your blog, btw! can't wait to read more from you :)