Monday, September 6, 2010

A day of coffee...

Today was full of friends coming over to visit. I love days like this, where I don't have to pack anything, and still get to see friends! Sjana, Kara, and Jamie came over with all their kiddos, and Sue, Sjana's mom which was great! We had: Hunter, McKenna, Karis MacSwan, Peyton and Brooks Munger, Mason McConkey and Macy! 7 kids! Talk about outnumbered! It was very fun to see these girls and we should have had Sue take an updated pic of the four of us... but, understandably we were kinda too busy to grab a camera. :)

Later today, Lynn came over with her Foster Daughter Renny and I couldn't believe the difference between a friend with 1 kiddo compared to 3 friends and 6 kiddos! Ha! We actually had a conversation! It was great to see Lynn and Renny and for the girls to have some playtime.

Renny "read" Macy a story...
Macy listened carefully...
Daddy's little monkey and her friend Lynn!
Lynn, Renny and Macy! What fun girls!

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