Sunday, September 26, 2010

Goodbye Craig...

This weekend was very busy with garage sales all over the place! I thought I'd better stop by Craig and Debbie Hardinger's to check out their sale and say goodbye officially. Craig has been Senior Pastor of Christ Fellowship (aka Nooksack Valley Baptist Church) for 14 years. He came when I was in high school and I have some major life moments that happened with him present.

I remember Craig taking me out for a milkshake when I was in high school and talking about a serious boyfriend I had the time. Craig listened, gave me some very wise counsel and I broke up with him that very day.

I vividly remember a sermon Craig gave about growing in the Lord. The insert had a graph on it that looked like this:
0: Becoming a Christian
1: Getting baptized
All the numbers were filled out but all I remember are the zero and 1. I was so convicted during that sermon thinking, "I'm 17 years old and at zero on the Christian walk because I have stage fright and don't want to get in front of everyone and talk!!!" I met with Craig and he baptized me.

Although I left Whatcom County for about 3 years after college, I have sat under Craig's preaching for 11+ years and he has taught me some powerful stuff. He loves to pray, and you know he does it often because of how natural he is when he goes from cracking a joke to praying. He believes in standing out of respect for God's Word when you read from the Bible. He taught our congregation that it isn't weird to lay hands on people and pray for them whether it's for a specific request, for a marriage, for a child, for a trip, for encouragement, for healing or for anything else. He believes God's Word to be true, and lasting, and that it is relevant and holds answers to every problem.

Craig counseled my husband and I before we were married and had the best way of minimizing small problems to highlight the fact that God loves us, we love each other and we are perfect for each other in every way, even our differences. He believes in marriage, and practices what he preaches.

Craig officiated our wedding, which was the best day of my life and did a splendid job making everyone feel comfortable and making that ceremony so memorable.

Craig has adored our Macy Megan and holds her and loves on her every time he sees her. He is such an honest person and until I said goodbye and hugged him and heard him say, "Love you guys" and kiss Macy and ask her if she loves Jesus I don't think it's hit me that he's going.

We love you Craig and appreciate all you've been and done and taught. You will be missed.


  1. What a great post! Thanks for starting the "water works" again. Craig has touched all of our lives in so many ways.

  2. What a tribute Molly... That is EXACTLY how I remember all he has done for us, and that he constantly pointed us as a congregation to God - not to us, but to HIS name be the glory!