Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cherry Season!

Day 2 in Wenatchee I put Macy's cherry outfit on for Andy since it was officially cherry harvest. She looked darn cute in it and I told Heidi I would love to get a picture of Macy and the girls in an orchard somewhere (thinking there was one in their backyard). Heidi said we should just go out to where they were picking and we deliberated if it was worth getting 5 kids dressed, sunscreened, packing the car, snacks, all in inching towards 90 degrees and we agreed, "Why not?" So off we went...
Having Macy makes me more adventurous. I realized yesterday that I have never walked through a cherry orchard. Who has, really? It was beautiful. I almost wish I could have been there alone to walk, pray and munch some cherries with no distractions. Boy, are cherries off the tree amazing!
YUM! Just looking at this picture makes my mouth water!
Oh yes, wisely, we picked up Sharon for this little adventure since Heidi and I were seriously outnumbered without her!
Such a fun thing to be out in the field with all her friends there to watch and play with! The sun was boiling hot by this point. I think the high was 96 degrees. Everyone had sunscreen on, Macy for the first time!
Luggin' around my little Lug in her lug. :)
What a cutie!
Funny thing about Ellie. She is a very happy, independent kid. She eats only when she is hungry, plays well with others, can say a lot of words, runs everywhere, loves babies and animals and books. For some reason, whenever there is a camera around, she loses it! She freaks out and never can snap out of it! We even tried getting her mom IN the picture. Just notice. That beauty in blue is not the smiliest! We were not poking her with sticks. She really is a very happy kid! Just not in pictures. Ever.

Abbie Leanne
Ellie Shea
Annie Jane
Jake and Holly were there working so Heidi had brought along drinks and snacks and the girls wanted Jake, so we tried for a good picture and this is the best we got!
Snack time!

LOVE this picture!!!!! Macy is acting like Baby Jesus! The girls did this on their own, I think it is the sweetest thing!
Ellie, you crack me up! Someday I'm going to catch you smiling with your sisters!
I have never heard noise so loud in my life as when we got everyone back in the car. Macy was crying, Ellie & Abbie were screaming, Annie was talking, Luke was shouting, Sharon was singing, & Heidi says, "We need some MUSIC!" And turned it up. Surprisingly, Macy fell asleep. :) That girl did marvelous on this trip. She is such a good baby and today is officially her 6 month birthday!!! She continues to be the light of our lives and the best part of our days.
We are now home safe and sound, Macy is sleeping (hard) and Gabe is just happy to have us back! It was a wonderful trip, full of fun and we made some great memories, and returned with a trunk-load full of more adorable outfits/clothes/animals/toys for Macy from her favorite cousins in the world! Thanks goodness she will continue to be the best dressed gal around. :) We love you Gales!

Day 3 in Wenatchee

Our last day in Wenatchee went by very quick! Craig and I left after Macy's second breakfast! Early that morning, Heidi brought out a huge bag full of toys for Macy! Here they all are on her blanket. Didn't take long for Luke to show her everything, and for the girls to come running to play!

Is that Ellie you ask? Almost smiling above and ACTUALLY smiling below? YES!


Macy and I just got home from our trip to Wenatchee to see the triplets get dedicated. I rode over with my Uncle Craig and Cousin KC on Sunday morning and we made it there about 2 in the afternoon. The triplets were sleeping, but when they got up... all they could say was, "BABY!!" and all they wanted was to be close to Macy!

...and Macy just wanted to be close to all of them! Abbie has a special thing for Macy for sure. She LOVES her, and wants to help her, give her toys, make her smile, and just dances around clasping her hands saying over and over and over again, "Baby!"

Two months ago when we were there, Ellie wasn't really interested in Macy (and she's never been that into ME for some reason, either) but this visit- Ellie LOVED me and Macy and was hilarious trying to stay in the loop and keep tabs on where the baby was all day long!
Uncle Craig and Annie. I hadn't been there for 15 minutes before Heidi said she had a surprise for me. There was Annie Jane, the baby I helped Heidi take home from the hospital for the first time...WALKING. She is up, all on her own, walking around like she owns the place. This was enough to make me start bawling. I was a mess. My tears started Sharon's and Heidi's tears and we all stood there in the kitchen screaming, "Yeah Annie!" with huge smiles plastered on our faces, and tears all over the place. Pray works and Annie Jane is our living miracle. Hands down the best part of the trip.
In the background is KC. Thanks cousin for letting us come with you for the ride! You're the best KC!!!

GG (Great Grammy) and Grandpa were already there when we got there. They had come over for the dedication, too! It was great to see them and Macy loved smiling for her Great-Grandpa. :)
We had some time after dinner before church so everyone trooped out for some play time. Macy loved laying in the grass with her fan club swarming around her...
Luke and Ellie on the slide...
Annie sliding!
Ellie checking in!
My buddy Luke... Later this night Luke was trooping around in GG's heels and Heidi said they were nice shoes and he should go show GG. Luke said, "Yeah, I showed GG, and she said...Great...SCOTT!" We had a big laugh hearing Luke mimic his GG so perfectly. :) Earlier this day there was some people visiting and they had a daughter Luke's age named Brooklyn. I was nursing Macy in the toy room and Luke flies by yelling up the stairs, "FRANKLIN!" I smiled to myself, and then watched Luke walk up 3 steps, turn around, come down and mutter to himself, "That's not right." Then he noticed me and said, "Umm. What's her name again?"
Macy all ready for the triplet's dedication!
Molly and Abbie!
Abbie really could not get enough of Macy. She follows her wherever she goes and is so mothering! Love it!
This was the story of Macy's life the last two days. Surrounded with more friends than she could ever hope for! Can't wait to see these girls (and Luke) grow up with each other and make memories and hopefully become life-long friends.
The Gale Family! Jake came later and Nick is away at college but here is... (Left to Right, Top to Bottom) Andy, Holly, Heidi, Annie, Ellie, Abbie, Luke.
Loved Heidi's dress! She looked so cute! I don't know how this girl does it!!!! No one can imagine Heidi's life. On top of her "normal," Cherry harvest began officially yesterday so Andy is up to his eyeballs with work. She was hosting her grandparents, cousin and baby, mom, dad, had several people over this day for a pool party, made dinner for about 20, feeds those triplets 4 times a day, plus Luke and manages to look this good with about 9 minutes to get ready? What? I love that I walk into this church and some random woman comes up to me and asks if I'm the mom of these kids. I say, "Yeah, this ONE baby is mine, and that is the mom of the triplets and a 4 year old." and point to Heidi. I was thinking the whole time, "Who the HECK would have had another baby the year after having triplets?" Not going to happen folks. :)
Heidi is Super-Mom. I helped her for really one full day and went to bed at 9:15 exhausted. (The pictures from that one full day are coming next...) Her life is just too hard to explain! You can't understand what it's like unless you live it! The girls are at a really good stage right now, really on schedule and all of them sleep great, but it's running interference and just keeping up with how much they eat! Heidi does it all with grace and makes others feel welcome and that they are helping. She has a gift.
Love this picture. The dedication was wonderful. The girls were pretty good and the pastor prayed for each of them and shared the verses Andy and Heidi had choose for them. This picture was taken when Ellie was being prayed for.

I'm sooo glad we went over and could be a part of this very special day. Heidi is a true friend and such an encouragement. My friend Heather went with me to Wenatchee last year and she really understands why I love it over there. She said to me not too long ago that Heidi's house is a place that recharges you. That's exactly what I feel about it! She has the ability to help you refocus on what's important in life. God, family and friends and reminds you to enjoy them all. No one has a better laugh and it feels like that's all we do there!