Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Baby Books

I am determined to complete Macy's baby book, every page, every question! It seems like a full-time job to keep up on this goal. Every time I turn around she is one month older and I need to update the book!

Today I was working on it, made huge progress, and came to the page that asked for a letter from Mommy. I started to write one and then couldn't swallow I had such a lump in my throat from all the overwhelming love that was pouring out of my heart! Words can't express how much I love our baby girl and my hopes and prayers for her life.

A good friend from church, Bev McKissick died yesterday leaving her husband and 4 children behind. Her kids are grown-ups now, but it made me think of what she would wish/pray/hope for them and her grandchildren and I know it's that above and beyond all else, they find, know and love & adore our Lord and Savior no matter what. This is something I pray for Macy as well.


  1. Bev's passing sure makes me hug our boys even tighter.

    I totally get what you are saying about the books. For each boy, I maintain a baby book, a monthly album for the first 12 months, a scrapbook, a journal, and the blog. And on top of that, I track a separate diet record for Wyatt, for his type 1 diabetes study. Aagh! It is time consuming, but I'd rather do it now, when I remember the little things, than later when it is all a blur! Keep up the great work, she'll pour over those pages someday!

  2. Okay - you just brought my ever-present tears forward! Tomorrow is Nathan's birthday and I want to write him a letter - I'm feeling more tears are on the way.........................Macy is SO blessed to have an awesome mommy in you!