Friday, June 25, 2010

My day

This picture made my day! It's been LONG. Let me tell you. Got up at 6, Macy up at 7, fed her, out the door by 7:45. Picked up coffee, dropped her off with Mom, cleaned my Grammy's house top to bottom, visited with my Dad, over to Katie's to load my car with some stuff to bring to Mom's, over to Mom's to unload our cars, load my car, feed Macy, home to see Gabe, no nap for Macy, fed Macy, back to Mom's to pick up and surprise Gabe with an enormous new desk/workstation and stools, followed Katie home to unload both our cars, again no nap for Macy, fed Macy, unloaded new desk, tore apart old desk that literally weighs 1000 lbs. (Ok, maybe not literally)... Hauled out old desk and loaded in Mom's van for Dad to burn, it fell apart going down the stairs so took it out in pieces and only smashed 3 fingers on the way, made dinner, ate dinner with Katie, helped her set up new desk, got puked on twice by Macy, changed her clothes and diapers twice when she should have been in bed, finally rocked her to sleep after nursing her AGAIN. Was checking e-mail when I should have been showering to wash off the sweat, dirt, and puke that was today, and my dear friend had sent me this preview pic of Macy's 6 month photo shoot. I'm hoping to pick up the rest tomorrow and get a TON of pictures ordered, all the way back to April, I'm way behind on ordering.

Isn't she a doll? Such an angel. She's sleeping peacefully, I'm at my new desk/scrapbook center and when I have enough energy to go down those stairs again I'll get my camera for a picture of my new set-up. For now, it's off to shower. :)

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