Sunday, June 6, 2010

Katie's Home!

Hooray! Auntie Kate came home last night from Prague and London with presents for all of us. :) Macy got an adorable dress and this sun hat from H&M the coolest store ever, which Katie just discovered (dangerously) has a baby section! Ha! Kates was only gone a week or two but we missed her terribly.
A new Mommy and Macy pic :) Life doesn't get any sweeter...
After church today Mom hosted a late birthday celebration for my Aunt Sharon. It was a delicious lunch and wonderful fellowship. Thanks Mom!


  1. I think Aunt Katie has excellent taste in Macy's wardrobe! That hat and dress are too darn adorable!

  2. Could she be any cuter?!?!?! These pics bring such flashbacks of when my Emily was a baby girl - oh - enjoy the moments!!