Saturday, June 19, 2010

Strawberry picking with Macy!!!

Today we went to the strawberry fields and between Katie, Dad and I, we picked 53 lbs! Mom brought Macy for a fun break, and some pictures since she was dressed perfectly for the day...
Auntie Kate with Macy :)

Mimi and Macy!
Look at the back of this adorable outfit!!! Love those legs chubbin' up!
Grandpa and Macy...


  1. I didn't think anyone in this world could have a bigger smile than Macy, and then I saw the grin's on her grandparents' faces as they held her.... They've got her beat, hands down!

  2. What a fun day!! Now there's work to be done!!!! We're due for a M&M day (Macy and Molly!!) :-)

  3. What fun pictures to look back on! I love the last one...Macy with her tongue out. HA! You are making some great memories!!