Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Wedding Dress

I LOVE my wedding dress. When Mom and I went shopping for it, she made me promise I would try on more than one dress before I decided... I saw my dress immediately on the hanger and loved it there, but tried on 5 or 6 beautiful dresses first. When I tried it on, I knew it was the ONE! Mom (and Dad) bought it for me. My Mom knew that dress was my wedding dress. It is over the top extravagant, made me feel beautiful and it was one of a kind.

Gabe and I have been married almost 4 years now and I hadn't got my dress preserved. It was on an on-going list of things I would eventually like to get done, buy, or do. (Do any of you have lists like that?) A couple months ago, I did it! You don't even want to know what it costs to get a wedding dress preserved, but I feel so much better knowing my dress is safe and sound and will be for my lifetime. If Macy ever wants to see it or try it on, this place will re-preserve it at no cost for the duration of my life.
It comes with gloves to put on before you touch the dress and a viewing window so I can remember how perfect it is. Aww. The happiness that comes with being a grown-up. :)

Now for the rest of my list...
-Area rug for living room
-Bar stools
-Patio furniture
-Curtains for whole house


  1. My dress is preserved in a box like that too! Fun! I'll have to show you sometime. It's been ALMOST 25 years ago! Thanks for coming yesterday - that was the best!

  2. I have my dress preserved and in a similar box! For's been almost 13 years.

  3. Beautiful! I remember that day, and you didn't just feel beautiful, you WERE beautiful, inside and out.

    And my dress is preserved too... but I HIGHLY doubt one of our children will be trying it on any time soon! :-)

  4. I still haven't had my dressed preserved, and it'll be eight years this summer. Hmmm... I might want to get on that!