Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cherry Season!

Day 2 in Wenatchee I put Macy's cherry outfit on for Andy since it was officially cherry harvest. She looked darn cute in it and I told Heidi I would love to get a picture of Macy and the girls in an orchard somewhere (thinking there was one in their backyard). Heidi said we should just go out to where they were picking and we deliberated if it was worth getting 5 kids dressed, sunscreened, packing the car, snacks, all in inching towards 90 degrees and we agreed, "Why not?" So off we went...
Having Macy makes me more adventurous. I realized yesterday that I have never walked through a cherry orchard. Who has, really? It was beautiful. I almost wish I could have been there alone to walk, pray and munch some cherries with no distractions. Boy, are cherries off the tree amazing!
YUM! Just looking at this picture makes my mouth water!
Oh yes, wisely, we picked up Sharon for this little adventure since Heidi and I were seriously outnumbered without her!
Such a fun thing to be out in the field with all her friends there to watch and play with! The sun was boiling hot by this point. I think the high was 96 degrees. Everyone had sunscreen on, Macy for the first time!
Luggin' around my little Lug in her lug. :)
What a cutie!
Funny thing about Ellie. She is a very happy, independent kid. She eats only when she is hungry, plays well with others, can say a lot of words, runs everywhere, loves babies and animals and books. For some reason, whenever there is a camera around, she loses it! She freaks out and never can snap out of it! We even tried getting her mom IN the picture. Just notice. That beauty in blue is not the smiliest! We were not poking her with sticks. She really is a very happy kid! Just not in pictures. Ever.

Abbie Leanne
Ellie Shea
Annie Jane
Jake and Holly were there working so Heidi had brought along drinks and snacks and the girls wanted Jake, so we tried for a good picture and this is the best we got!
Snack time!

LOVE this picture!!!!! Macy is acting like Baby Jesus! The girls did this on their own, I think it is the sweetest thing!
Ellie, you crack me up! Someday I'm going to catch you smiling with your sisters!
I have never heard noise so loud in my life as when we got everyone back in the car. Macy was crying, Ellie & Abbie were screaming, Annie was talking, Luke was shouting, Sharon was singing, & Heidi says, "We need some MUSIC!" And turned it up. Surprisingly, Macy fell asleep. :) That girl did marvelous on this trip. She is such a good baby and today is officially her 6 month birthday!!! She continues to be the light of our lives and the best part of our days.
We are now home safe and sound, Macy is sleeping (hard) and Gabe is just happy to have us back! It was a wonderful trip, full of fun and we made some great memories, and returned with a trunk-load full of more adorable outfits/clothes/animals/toys for Macy from her favorite cousins in the world! Thanks goodness she will continue to be the best dressed gal around. :) We love you Gales!


  1. My first thought when I read this post was, "Seriously? She has a CHERRY picking outfit, on top of her strawberry picking outfit?" :-) That is one WELL dressed chic. Loved the pictures, the stories, and most of all the fun memories. You do see the world differently through your daughter's eyes, don't you? So much fun. These are precious days my friend!

  2. Please tell me you brought home tons of cherries!! My Favorite!! Well I know one little girl that LOVES the camera - Miss Macy - ooo - watch out!!! :-) Fun, Fun, Fun stuff!
    We need a Macy visit!