Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

For the 4th this year, we did something different. In years past, this is a holiday I remember spending with my Mom's side of the family, lighting off all of our fireworks with my cousins on my Grammy's deck. We would all ohh and ahh and it was a very fun summer night right before raspberry season. Then, as the years passed, I began to dread the day since my parent's neighbors do a "show" each year with dynamite that would shake the house until 3:30 AM. This year, we decided to join Ray and Patti Johnson (great friends of my parents) and their daughter and son-in-law, Heidi and Dan in Blaine. Ray brought their trailer and parked it down by the water so after church Dad, Mom, Katie, Macy and I all headed to Blaine for the street fair and fireworks.
A very nice man who was helping out with the show asked if we wanted to come see the fireworks before they were lit and we agreed of course. I was amazed at how much money goes into this show! ($18,000.00 paid for by the city of commerce)
I learned this kind of fuse burns 20 ft in ONE SECOND! Wow.
Dad carefully holding a "big one..."
Dan, Ray and Heidi.
Meanwhile, back at the trailer, Katie was playing with our precious little drool-box. :)

Grandpa and his patriotic little sweetie.
Love that my fam was rocking the red, white and blue!

Macy had HAD it by 7 PM. She is going to bed these days at 8 PM, and couldn't last the drive home. I realized this is probably the first picture I've ever taken of her sleeping. :) Note her favorite two blankets are what she loves to sleep with. The tassle one is from her Mimi, and the pink fuzz one by her cheek is from her Grandpa and we dubbed it "Softie."


  1. Whoa! How fun to see all the "behind the scenes" fireworks and gear. Too cool! I don't know if those folks would approve of sparkler bombs though...

  2. What - didn't you stay for the fireworks? That Macy and her Mommy need to come visit - too cute! I so love seeing you enjoy all the moments with your baby girl and your family! You are truly blessed Miss Molly! :-)